Finished Triangle Quilt 

What I thought was going to be quick quilting turned into two months of quilting. 

I’ll take it. 

I got mr porcupine to hold the quilt it’s too big for me to hold.  The quilt is a bit bigger than queen size. I had scrap batting that I sewed together to get this size. 

My favorite thing about this quilt are the colors. So bright!   
I really like how the quilting shows up on the back. The arrows are perfect and super cute.   
Looks so good!   
I’m excited that I have finished my two big quilts. So excited to move on and work on something else. I’ve got a few ideas swishing around in my head. Can’t wait to get to them. 

WIP Wednesday 

I’ve got a few things I’m working on that I can show you. 

I’ve been working on two minis for the #lovewins and the #schnitzelandboo quilt swap. 

For the love wins swap I’m at an ironing stage. And who wants to spend their free time ironing. I know I don’t. 😉 I’ve got my rows pieced together I just need to combine those and I have a quilt top. I even have an idea for the quilting. Which never happens! 

The Schnitzel and boo swap I’ve gone in a different direction. I’ve decided to do some English Paper Piecing. I wanted something I could do while sitting on the couch with Rohan or in the car. 

This is what I am going with. I’m pretty sure you can fill in the gaps of the missing pieces.   

I’m not certain about the purple in the mini. But I feel like I’ve gone too far and I don’t want to change it.   

The last wip that I am still working on is the green triangle quilt. I am still working on the quilting. 
Slow and steady wins the race right?   

Baby shoes, never worn

I finally managed to make baby toms for Rohan. 

 I managed to make him two pairs. Making the two pairs was pretty easy. I had cut both sets out and did chain stitching to speed things up. They probably would have come together faster if Rohan wasn’t all like wahhhhhh! 😉

  Making these shoes also happens to be the only thing I did that day. No cleaning.  No dishes. No food. I still need to learn better time management. On a plus side our apartment is small and can be clean pretty fast and food can always be ordered. 
The fabrics I used are Lizzy House dinosaurs for the outside and Cotton and Steel basics XO in metallic. The other pair is Bonnie Christine Oh Hello Bear for the outside and from Dear Stella Fireflies. Seriously cute prints here and perfect for little baby shoes. 

So he has worn them. Once. Mostly to try them on. I even tried to get a picture of him wearing the shoes but his feet just wanted to kick. 

This was the best shot I got. 😍😍  

Those leggings are from Emily Isabella for Birch Fabrics. Someday I will blog about those and the other leggings I’ve made him.  
The pattern I used is from Homemadetoast. I’ve used it a few times in the past. 1. 2.

In other news Wicket has been with us 3 years now! We took her to the neighborhood Starbucks for a pupachino to celebrate! A pupachino is whipped cream in a tiny cup. She had a great time! 


Chevron &on quilt 

It’s finished! It only took me a week to add the binding. No big deal. 

Since I already talked about the quilt in past posts, I’ll make this one picture heavy. 

 The quilt measures just under 60 x80.  I used scrap binding. And I am sure glad I had that laying around. I hate making binding tape. I think I plan on ordering some from etsy for any future quilts.  

I was planning on taking pictures of the quilt outside. But yesterday and now this morning it is wet and rainy. Floor pictures will have to do.   

 Since the quilt is done I magically love it. The binding really pulls it all together.
And of course Wicket loves it.  

And Rohan really loves it. 


WIP Wednesday 

I am still working on my la passacaglia quilt. Slow and steady wins the race right? Last time I posted about the quilt we were still waiting for Rohan to be born. 

You would assume I got pretty far in three months. But I didn’t. Hahaha. 

These three cogs are still waiting for their stars. 
So I guess in those three months I’ve gotten stars attached to almost two of them.  
I still feel good about the colors and designs in my fabrics. 

They all look good together.   
So maybe in another three months I’ll have just a tiny bit more done. Maybe I’ll make a bunch more smaller cogs. Those seem to be fun to make. 


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