Giveaway Winner!

Winner winner chicken dinner!


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Congrats to Emme! A blog follower! Woo!

I will be emailing you shortly to get your address and send your goodies off to you!

Thanks to all who participated and visited my blog! You all made my week! :)

This weekend I am working on finishing my Chevron and On Quilt. Hopefully some time this week Ill have this beast finished. You can follow me on Instagram (porcupinestew) for all the quilty and doggy updates. :)



Do you watch the show?

I don’t. My brother in law loves the show. He’s always like “my show- Community…” “I know you don’t watch, but my show Community…”

I still listen. But jeeze the boy loves his show. His program.

His birthday is just days after Christmas. Poor boy.

This year I decided to make him some shirts for his show Community.

Decided on some designs. Pulled on my screen printing stuff and got to work!

Screen printing is so nice.

Ive never seen the show, so I am hoping I picked out some good designs.


All carved out and ready to go.

It turned out so nicely! This one is my favorite.


The next one I had more trouble with. Ugh.

I started with my yellow. The yellow I use is thin, I learned a bit ago to mix it with white to thicken it. But I wanted a bright yellow not a canary yellow. I did a few layers of yellow to solve this problem. I started off with the canary yellow and ended with the bright thin yellow.

I like how this layer turned out.



The next layer when right on top of the yellow. I waited for the yellow to dry to do this layer. This is the layer I had problems with.

So much that I feel bad giving him the shirt, but I know he’s going to love the shirt.

I cut out the letters and taped the design to the shirt. I needed more stability with the letters being so small. I apparently put more tape on the Troy side instead of the Abed side.

Poor Abed.



The last cut out. You can see the whole design here.



A simple white stripe. This part took less than 10 minutes.




The end result.

It’s pretty ok.



At least I know brother in law will like them.



Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!!!

I love these giveaway days!

Earlier this year in May was my first time giving stuff away! I was excited and nervous! Now I am just excited!

So welcome all new little porcupines! Go ahead and poke around! Stay awhile!

This year for the giveaway I am giving away:

A Metallic Pouch filled with some sunshine!

Actually it is filled with two (2) lavender pillows. Two (2) Needle minders. Keep those tiny needles in one place! Six (6) pins. All different sizes and animals. And one (1) tiny TeePee embroidery. Tiny!



Tiny teepee!


All items fit in the metallic pouch!


This giveaway is open to US residents only. Sorry!

Winner will be notified by the 14th of December.

Item will be shipped by December 16th

Don’t forget to head back to Sew Mamma Sew for more giveaways!

Ill try to reply to comments this time as well! Can’t wait to hear from you!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Schnitzel and boo quilt swap

I have finished the quilt top for the Schnitzel and Boo quilt swap!

I used the Ombre Vibes quilt pattern from Amy Friend over at DuringQuietTime. The whole thing came together quick except for one row. That one row I kept sewing on upside down! I blame pregnancy brain!


I don’t have many pictures of it coming together. Thats how quick it was!


The quilt measures 24×24 inches. Pretty perfect. :)

I used Cotton and Steel basics and Moda solids. Both compliment each other pretty nicely.



I might follow Amy Friends Quilting pattern too. I like the simplicity of it. But for now it will sit until after the holidays. :)

Sunday Stash

I ordered fabrics for my Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap.

I am excited to start this mini quilt. Ive posted pictured of the ones I am using for the quilt and I am thrilled that my unknowing partner loves the color choices!


I ordered these fabrics from I like the fast shipping. We finally moved out of the swamp apartment and I needed the order before moving.

Even though I have a few Cotton and Steel basics left in my stash I really wanted to use them for this quilt and decided to play it safe. Order them again! Why yes I would! :)



To match the C&S Basics I ordered blue Moda solids. They match pretty perfect. I also plan on using the left overs in a MineCraft pillow for my nephew.


The ones I am using for the quilt swap took a bit of thinking to do. Ive decided to make this Ombre Vibes quilt. I wanted to get the ombre just right. Especially since I was using prints. I think it is a tad bit harder to get the ombre down with prints.

These are the ones I have decided on:


I have gotten as far as cutting out my squares. Ive made my squares three inches. Tiny little things!


Can’t wait to get quilting! Gotta finish moving first! :)

Linking up with Molly Sparkles and his stash report. :) :)


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