Deer Pie

Oh deer. This weeks pie has a deer problem.


Ages ago I ordered the cutest box of cookie cutters from Etsy seller Sweet Estelle’s. I love these cookie cutters. They feel thicker and more stable than regular cookie cutters. Which is nice for when I throw the cookie cutters into a drawer.

They also came in a cute pink box with pink tissue. I am a sucker for pink.



My pie is a mix of blueberry and cherry with deer cut outs.

Only one deer head was damaged in the baking/ moving of the pie.

IMG_3273 IMG_3287


Oh deer! This pie is pretty!

Find my simple pie recipe in my first pie post!

And my other pies from this summer! Squirrel top pie. Strawberry top pie.

The Purge

Over at Stitched in Color a great purge is happening. After this spring and all the quilts, this scrap pile was not getting any smaller. And in the beginning of the year I had wanted to use more scraps than my larger pieces of fabrics. This project was perfect timed and perfect for my scraps!

I decided on a scrap quilt. I don’t have a large fabric stash and mostly everything in that stash is from recent lines. All of my scraps are left over from other quilts so I decided on small 1 1/2 inch squares.

This is part of my pile. I added more after this picture was taken. Some of these fabrics are from my very first sewing projects!


Ive gotten as far as sewing the squares up in a group of three and ironed.

Ironing is a lot of work!


I haven’t fully decided my layout for the scrap quilt. At this current moment I am thinking just going at it in a random way but I am not fully convinced. IMG_3367 IMG_3366

Im just not sure what Ill do. I guess we will all be surprised at the next scrap quilt post.

Tomorrow is pie day. If you follow on Instagram you can see a sneak peak at what I am working on! Including the pie!


Peach Picking

This weekend became a peach party!

We traveled to a family friends house in Michigan City and then traveled to the fruit farm to pick peaches and apples!


I love being outside of the city.

It smells better, the trees are greener. Everything is quiet.

Michigan trees in motion. IMG_3340

We picked some where around 36 pounds of peaches! My dad picked somewhere around 73 pounds of peaches! That is a lot of peach pie!


There were also apples and blueberries picked. But alas no pictures of those. IMG_3336IMG_3335

After peaches there was time spent on the beach.

It was not exactly beach weather but it was still nice to walk along the beach.

The waves were large and so loud! IMG_3351


And sand castles were seen! All in all it was a good weekend. And I have a lot of fruit to make pies with!

IMG_3354 IMG_3353


I am an Aunt!

I am a new auntie again!

I already have three nephews under my belt, this time I get a beautiful niece!

And golly is she a beaut!


Yesterday morning baby Evie was born at 10:46 am. She is 5lbs 15 oz and is 19.25 inches long!

I am so excited to meet you baby Evie!  We are all super happy for you and your parents!




Pie Day!

I love the summer!

A fresh pie every week!

And just when I run out of fresh fruit a weekend of picking has been planned!


This weeks pie is only cherry. I am out of the blueberries! And this is just about the last of my cherries!

I used my strawberry cookie cutter to decorate my pie top.


The pie was made the same was as the last two. This pie just happen to look super good.

Squirrelly pie & pie number one.


Fun fact- after getting scarlet fever at the age of 20 I am now allergic to strawberries!

Good thing the strawberry cutouts are just decoration!



This is my favorite pie.




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