TBT- Heartmallows

Tomorrow Ill have a craft post but Ive decided for the next couple of weeks to keep up with the throw back Thursdays. It is a nice way to showcase some posts that I love that weren’t seen by others.

Heartmallows are my take on marshmallows. But in heart shape. And cute.

I made these back in Nov of 2013. I used a recipe from the Urban Poser. 

I like this recipe because it is not overly sweet like other homemade mallows. It is sweetened with honey and not powdered sugar. Yum!

I feel like this recipe is fool proof. Ive never messed it up. Always have had good luck. :)


The outer coating of these are cocoa and cinnamon.

Soft pillows of deliciousness. Heartmallows

I heart them.

Htf7a PZ7D5

I need to make more of these very soon! Q3DHq


Rohan Ollivander 1 Month

Our little boy is a month old already!

Rohan Ollivander

I don’t feel like time has flown by. I feel like the amount of sleep has flown by. haha.

His best friend is Wicket Grace. She has been super protective of her baby since before he was born. She has to give him kisses any chance we let her. Taking any pictures of Rohan means having to fight with Wicket just to get her to leave him alone.

Rohan Ollivander

He likes to sleep all day and stay up all night. He likes to be held while he sleeps instead of sleeping alone in his bassinet. He has a healthy appetite and fits into 0-3 month clothing. His cheeks keep getting chubbier and I love it. Could just eat them up!

I might be a bit biased here but I think I am his favorite.

Rohan Ollivander

We are ready for month 2!

I am still working on writing out his birth story. It takes a long time to get all those thoughts out!

Rohan Ollivander

Sunday Stash

Took a trip to Second City Quilting Co for some of there delicious fabrics. I knew they had some new stuff in and I wanted to see if it was anything I wanted.

It is super easy to talk Mr Porcupine into going- there is even a candy shop next door.


I picked up more Tula Pink and Alison Glass. There is more Ex Libris from Alison Glass that I will be picking up later but for now this will suffice. Mr Porcupine picked out the two from Tula Pinks True Colors line.

These bat prints from Tula Pink are amazing. Ive shown them to non sewing friends and now they want the fabric just to have the art. I wanted to get these after I saw some of her drawings of this print.

IMG_9702 IMG_9701


I am excited to give Preppy the Whale a shot. Ive loved all of Elizabeths Hartman’s quilt patterns but this is the first I have bought.




Yesterday during one of Rohan’s naps I managed to get some sewing done so Ill be having a few blog posts for this week. :)

Linking up with Molli Sparkles and his Sunday stash.

TBT- Puffin Classics

I still haven’t gotten into a groove with working with Mr Rohan. Im hoping we figure this out soon. I usually do my blog posts in the morning and try to aim to post before noon. Im thinking just to get any blog posts out I am going to have to change this and just post whenever I can.

Since I haven’t worked or made anything since before he was born Ive decided to showcase a set of embroideries I made just over a year ago.

I love these embroideries and am very proud with how they turned out.

They are al currently hanging in the office I never use. Im thinking one day they will hang in Rohan’s nursery.

File these under- will never sell; love them too much.

Ever since Ive made them Ive wanted to make something just as pretty again.

Ive linked each embroidery to the original posts.

Pinocchio was the easiest and quickest.

Puffin Classic


The Little Princess is my favorite out of the set. And maybe my favorite book out of the set.

“I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, Even if they arent’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses.”

-Frances Hodgson Burnett


Puffin Classics


Hans Andersens’ Fairy Tails.

The hair on the mermaid is amazing. I love it.


Puffin Classics


Little Woman.

Looking back at these Im thinking I need to work on embroidering my hand writing.

The rest of them look great.


Puffin Classics


The Wind in the Willows. 

This is one of my favorite children’s books. I even bought a copy for Rohan. Hopefully it becomes on of Rohan’s favorites. The adventures of Mr Toad are just so much fun.


Puffin Classics



My favorite fabric shop here in Chicago- Second City Quilting Co is having a sale this Saturday. So I am hoping to have a post for Sunday’s stash.

Heres to hoping me and Rohan learn to work together and I get some sewing done. :)

Rohans Quilt

During the weeks before Rohan came into the world I was trying everything that would bring him here faster.

I thought maybe if I finished his quilt he would magically come.

I finished his quilt and still had to wait a week or so. He was so not coming on my time.

So about his quilt. The last time I blogged about it I still hadn’t figured out the layout.

I didn’t have a clear plan and just kinda went with the flow. I wanted to use mostly scraps or fabrics I had on hand. I managed this pretty well. When I was planning the layout I was 8 months pregnant. I was really wishing for a design wall at that moment. Crawling around on my hands and knees was pretty lame. I actually figured out the design before Sewtopia so I had something to slowly work on. But after Sewtopia my sewing machine broke so it took a while for me to get that motivation back.

Im really pleased with how everything turned out. Im not even sure what to call my pattern. Diagonal V pattern maybe? I wanted to do something new to me for the quilting so I went with wavy lines. Non evenly spaced wavy lines. `I used Pellon cotton batting and it measures crib size- 45″x60″. I used scrap fabric for the binding. I didn’t want to make any new binding so I used any binding that I had on hand. This included a small piece of Alison Glass’ Clover Sunshine in teal. This was my last scrap piece of this fabric. I think i used it well.:)

When I placed the quilt on the floor the ginger cat went straight for it. He wanted a good roll around.


Classic ginger kitty.



The back is a sheet set from Ikea. I bought it just for this quilt. This was before we knew we were having a boy and I almost bought a pink set. I went with the blue because it was more gender neutral.  I checked Ikeas website for the sheet set and didn’t see it, but this set is just as cute!




Im excited for baby boy to be big enough to enjoy his quilt. :) But for now Ill be using to keep us comfortable while Im feeding him.





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