Burp Cloths

My sewing machine has died. Well not really but to get it repaired would cost more or almost the same as what I paid for it 5 years ago. At least it lasted through the retreat. Phew! Not sure what I would have done without my machine.

I was sewing on a cheap little Brother- but now I am looking for that perfect upgrade. Any suggestions? I also have an antique singer but it needs a new power cord- any suggestions on how to go about replacing that? Choosing a sewing machine is super hard. Im not even sure how I decided years ago.

Before my Brother died I did manage to get a few projects finished. One of them being these burp cloths. The last time I made burp cloths was for my niece. Almost a year ago!

I didn’t use a pattern for these. I found one piece of fabric that looked like a burp cloth shape and used that as my pattern. Super high tech and precise over here.

burp cloth



They look like burp cloths- I think.

I sewed the burp cloths up the same way I did my bibs. Right sides together, leaving a gap to turn right side out and then top stitching.

Burp Cloth Burp Cloth

Super pleased with how they turned out. I know baby will love them so much he’s gonna spit up on them. :)

Now onto reading about sewing machines.

Sewtopia Chicago

I had the best time at Sewtopia. Even though it made me sewwww tired. I took a four hour nap on Sunday and I still don’t think I have caught up on my sleep.

This round of Sewtopia took place at the Drake hotel here in Chicago. Talk about beauty! My favorite hotel in Chicago is the Palmer house but the Drake is a very close second.



I made some great new friends and took some fun classes. Classes I wasn’t convinced I would enjoy. Only because I was feeling like a pregnant party pooper that weekend. ;)

So you all saw my new fabric stash from the shop hops and goodies bag- onto the classes!

We were offered two classes. On Friday I took the Molehill class taught by Latifah of Latifah Saafir Studios. I learned how to do curves. Curves aren’t so bad. Give curves a chance. This class was great fun- she has such a nice and calm way of explaining everything.

I don’t think her Molehill pattern is out yet but keep an eye out for it!



On Saturday I took the dreaded Y seams class with Rita Hodge from Red Pepper Quilts. I am super glad she was here all the way from Australia. What a treasure! When I first saw her on Thursday during the sign ins I had a fan girl moment. Taking a class from her was such a gift! She is so sweet and Y seams aren’t so bad.

We worked on the Kansas Dugout quilt pattern- this pattern is free on her blog. Go give it a whirl!




And of course the great bathroom selfie. 31 weeks here.



The next Sewtopia is in Portland and is sold out but the spring Sewtopia is in Atlanta! If you all have the chance to attend I highly suggest it. I had such a great time and made many new friends! :) You can follow along on their Facebook page. 

Sunday Stash

This past week I was one of the lucky ones attending Sewtopia- a sewing retreat that happens in various cities. I had an amazing time and will probably write up a review later this week. Currently I am still catching up on sleep! :)

But onto this stash report.

My loot from our grab bags. AUH-MAZING. There are so many little packs of fabric Im not sure what to do with it all.



We went on a shop hop and there was a pop up shop at the retreat so I managed to get lots of fabrics.

Cotton and Steel fat quarters.



Tula Pink fat quarters and half yard cuts.


And a mix of goodies.

The llamas are a yard cut and are from Monaluna. It is a canvas and I plan on making the one hour basket by Kelbysews.



I need to go re organize my craft room and find space for all of these goodies.


I have about 8-ish weeks left before baby arrives.

Time to get the last things together.

This week it is bibs and burp clothes. Those of you with kids- did you use a lot of bibs and burp clothes. My sister-in-law has used a lot but my oldest sister hardly used them.

So I guess I am just being prepared for everything.

I made bibs almost a year ago for my niece. This time around I did everything just about the same.

I cut out my fabrics. I used almost all the same fabrics from last time. They were mostly scarp size. Ive had all of these fabrics in my scrap/ hoard pile for more than a year. Perfect time to use them!

IMG_8196 Baby Bibs


I used a soft charcoal minky for all the backings.


I sewed them all right sides together. Leaving a gap to turn them right side out. I then top stitched all the way around.


I thought about making these button closures but I would of had to go out and buy stuff for the buttons. So with that I decided to stick with Velcro. I always seem to have a lot of Velcro on hand.

I sewed the Velcro on by sewing an X. X marks the spot on these bibs.



And BAM! Just like that! In just a few hours I have a handful of bibs. :)




Perfect for a baby boy. :)

Ive got burp rags and a few more wall hangings left to finish up. And then I am fully ready for this baby!


Soho Blouse

This past weekend SeeKateSew released a new pattern- I was immediately smitten.

I loved all her pictures of the blouse and from the look of it there would be plenty of room for my ever growing belly!

I got to picking out and cutting my fabric right away. I wanted to wear something I made for Easter with the husbands family.

I went with Mystery Meal by Sarah Watts for Cotton and Steel. A few weeks ago I had wanted to make a maternity shirt out of the same fabric but nothing was going as planned. Im glad I waited on trying to make anything. This fabric is perfect for the Soho Blouse. Light, flowy and super soft.

I didn’t take any pictures of the process but the entire blouse came together quick. Maybe 2-3 hours for the whole thing.

I was able to print and cut out my pattern fairly quick. I had to do some new measurements- this whole being very pregnant is new to me! I cut out a size large for the skirt and a size medium for the shirt. I did no adjustments. Everything fit me and made me feel very comfortable.

Sorry for all the wrinkles, ironing is not my strong point. These pictures were taken after I had worn and washed the shirt.

Soho Blouse


Since I only had two yards of mystery meal I used a quilting cotton for the lining of the blouse. This added a nice sturdiness to shirt. Plus I think the bright pink adds a nice pop of color to the shirt. Swoon.

There are two sleeve options for the blouse. Ruched and angled cap- I went with the angled cap. I had the most problems with the sleeves and so I wanted to keep it simple. I do like the look of the ruched sleeve and will try that next time.



I did all of my top stitching in a sliver metallic thread. I love that this thread adds a nice shimmer to the shirt.


I hadn’t realized there were pockets until I bought the pattern.

Pockets! I love pockets! These pockets are not the most useful but they are big enough to have a spot for your keys.



I love this blouse!

Soho Blouse



I love that this blouse fits my growing belly with room to grow.

31 week belly.


Mr. Porcupine wanted to show off his belly too!


Hes super adorable. Swoon!

I plan on making another Soho blouse here in the upcoming week. So maybe next week Ill have another.


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