Some fabrics have the best selvage.


Enchant by Cinderberry Stitches for Riley Blake designs is one of those fabrics.




Im slowing cutting through this fabrics and the rest of wee wander for a chevron &on quilt.

Swoon some more.



Antique Machines

I was able to pick up two new to me antique sewing machines this past weekend.

I was able to get them from my parents. They have become quiet the collectors of antiques.


This is a Singer 99-23 or 99-24. She was made in 1941 and is a blackside model.


The finish is a crinkle finish. A black crinkle finish. Also called Godzilla finish.


I really like my Godzilla machine. She seems to run fine. Needs some oil and a nice cleaning and should be great to use for quilts. I find her really pretty. I don’t mind the crinkle Godzilla finish.

The second machine is more of a Frankenstein monster. I wasn’t able to find out too much about it. But the machine sure is pretty.


This one is what I believe is a New Home machine. The model would be greyhound.


The motor is Westinghouse. Maybe is was made in or before 1920?



The belt is broken and I have two feet pedals and Im not sure which one would work.



Sure is pretty though!  Makes for nice decoration.


I also got lots and lots of attachments and other fun sewing stuff.

IMG_1809 IMG_1803 IMG_1798 IMG_1795 IMG_1791


If anyone has any advice for the machines or any history I would love to hear it!


Wee Wander

Last Wednesday I posted my WIP Wee Wander quilt.

Today I get to post the finished quilt!

I sewed all weekend to get this baby done!


I decided to use Savanna Glow in mint by Leah Duncun.

Oh golly. It was a marriage that should be.

A marriage that would last.



I added some hand embroidery on a few of the stars.  I really like this look.

I only did it on the quilt top not all of the layers.


I machine stitched around a lot of the other stars.


IMG_1762 IMG_1764 IMG_1766


Some one on Instagram recommended that I use a pink binding.

I thought that idea was genius! Bright pink would pop with the green backing.



The binding sewed up quickly and bam! I was done with the quilt.

I celebrated.

IMG_1774 IMG_1776


Fabric Monday


Cotton &Steel Basics!

I love the story that goes with this company and I swoon over all the ladies and their designs. 


This fabric is Auh- Mazing!

I love every single piece. I hope to get my little hands on some of the prints!

Mustangs for sure!


I ordered these from FatQuarterShop.

The shipping was cheap and the delivery was fast!

A lot faster than I thought since everything was pre order.


Swoon! :)


Riding Peplum

Ive loved April Rhodes Riding Peplum since it came out!

Ive also made the staple dress by April Rhodes. And I loved that one.

I probably sound like a broken record saying how much I loved everyone else’s and how great everyone looked in theirs! But it is true! This is probably why I continue to buy patterns I see. Everyone makes such great garments! And such pretty fabrics!

I feel only ok about the ones I make. But I plan on keep making shirts and dresses till I get it right. Till I feel it is right. I know it is just me that has this doubt. Only I can tell that one of the arms is a bit tighter or that I sewed a bit crooked.

This does not apply to quilts. I feel grand about those.


I chose Avalon by Birch. I am such a huge fan of Birch fabrics. Everything that Ive gotten has been soft and durable and the colors have been exactly what I see on the computer screen.

How perfect is this fabric. Bike shirt with bike fabrics.

So everything was easy. The cut out. The sewing.

Easy. Peasy. No problems.


Ive actually had this piece finished for a while. Ive worn it out and gotten lots of compliments.



One of my arms is a bit tighter than the other and there is a bit of crooked sewing. But I will keep moving forward and make garments that I like.

Hopefully they all work as nicely as this one. :)

IMG_1691 IMG_1689

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