July 2013 archive

Dream Catcher

I often have bad dreams. Sometimes these bad dreams lead to sleepwalking. Dream catchers are suppose to let the good dreams through. Catching the bad dreams or nightmares in the webbing leaving them for the morning sun to have.
I used an old embroidery hoop. I wrapped blue yarn around the embroidery hoop, gluing the ends and weaving the tails in.
 I used lace for the webbing. I wanted to make sure no bad dreams were getting through.
 I secured the lace with embroidery floss to the blue yarn.
 I added yarn, feathers and ribbon to embellish it.
Hang that dream catcher up and wait for the good dreams to come pouring in.

Friendship bracelet

 The embroidery floss looks so cute laying next to each other.  
 A friendship bracelet was to be made. I used 4 colors to create this Chevron pattern.
 Left knots for the left side. Right knots for the right side. 
 Repeat until hand hurts and then repeat some more. Or until desired length. 
 Make a wish. Tie it on. Wear it till it falls off. 

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