September 2013 archive


 I love sardines.
Smother them in mustard and I will eat them all.
 The heads though, they scare me.
Those huge eyes staring at you while you take your bites.
 One of the nights I was in France we had a traditional French dinner.
With sardines.
 Not out of a tin sardines. But fresh, head and bones still equipped with the sardines.
Such a hard time trying to de-bone this tiny fish! Ended up being that no one ate them!
 Sardines are like the fruit of the sea.
Served with mustard.

Tux: Linux mascot

I got my first laptop at 19 and at the time my oldest sister was at the time dating a computer nerd.
 He uses Linux, so of course he installed Linux on that dinky laptop.
 I remember it took forever! And things would break!
And the wifi would only sometimes work!
 Linux sure has come along quite nicely!
 I know I don’t have a lot of readers, but a high number of you use Linux.
 I get excited anytime I see Linux on the stats page.

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