October 2013 archive

The Princess and the Knight.

Happy Halloween! 
Today the puppies are dressed up as a princess and a knight.

 Animal as my knight. Hes trying to give us a smile.
Be on the look out trusty knight,

 Here the knight and princess have met.
 Wicket was deeply upset by her crown. 

 Deeply upset. 

Never again. 

The Staple Dress

 I’ve seen this dress around for a while. I loved every ones version.
I just needed that fabric that said “Here I am!”
Here is the best pink ever.
For the best dress ever.
 I loved making this dress. The entire time I had the best feeling about it.
It was really easy to understand. Really quick to put together.
 Plus everyone else made it before me. I’m slow to the party.
 And Pockets! Love a dress that has pockets!

Flying Geese

 The Geese wings were clipped.
 They couldn’t fly.
 Now the wings are free. 
 These geese are going to fly.

 I love these. I love the colors. I love everything. 
This is going to make a great quilt.

Cold Day

Warm hands.
 Gotta get moving on these winter blankets.
Winter is here.
 It’s gonna be a long, cold, hard winter.

 Must crochet squares faster. 

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