December 2013 archive

New Year!

A few weeks ago I won 4 spools of Guermann metallic thread from Crafty Sorcha!
I had no idea she was in France!
The entire time I waited I thought some one had stolen it right off the porch!
 Thank you so much Crafty Sorcha! I love them!
I don’t make any new years resolutions. 
I never stick to them anyways. 
I do have a few goals. 
I want to be more organized with my crafts. Less mess! 
I would love for this blog to gain a few more readers! 
And I would love to make things full time. 
 All in all 2013 wasn’t such a bad year. 
Lots of looking to the future! 
Happy new year!
And don’t forget to party hardy! 🙂
!!! Forgot to mention, I have added some embroideries to my Etsy store.
Go on! Take a look! More stuff will be added soon! 

Knitting / Crochet needle case

This holiday was a success! Everyone loved their gifts!
Some friends from St Louis came to visit and I ended up giving my needle case away.
A new one would have to be made! 😉
I used a standard letter size sheet of paper and a ruler to make the pattern.
The colors that were decided were grey, baby blue and white.
The left pocket is 6.5 x3.5. I used blue print for the front and solid grey for the inside.
The needle pocket is 3.5x 7.5. I used a blue stripe fabric for the front and the white print for the back.
The front is 8.5x 11 I used a grey print and white print for the inside.
 The case took just about an hour to make.
Once on a roll it is easy to keep going.
 I really liked this one.
Holds everything it needs to.
Even has cute lace! 🙂
 Now if only it would make me feel more motivated to knit or crochet more.

Animal and his stuffy.

The hedgehog was Wickets favorite stuffy first. 
Now it has becomes Animals favorite stuffy.
Never chewed on.
Mostly used as a pillow.
With the upcoming holiday being next week, I am taking the entire next week off! 
Woo! I will be enjoying it by taking some naps with my stuffy.

Triangle Quilt

Ocean of blues.
 Ive got all of my triangles sewn up.
Now to sew them all together.
 These pics were taken in a very sunny room, but the blues really are that bright! 
 This quilt is quickly becoming dreamy. 
 Off to wonderland. 🙂

Reversible Headband

I used Happy Together’s headband tutorial.
She gives a nice printout for the pattern- even a few smaller sizes for the young kids.
 My cutout pieces.
I am making two headbands today.
Both pink! So much pink this holiday!
 I followed her directions on making these.
Very simple and quick to make up.
 All done!
 So pretty!
 These are going to make a great holiday gift!

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