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The cutest is always the worst

This kitty right here.

Softest kitty. Nicest kitty.


She hates everything of mine. If it is mine she will make a mess on it.

Terrible kitty.

I had a quilt to show off. Till messy kitty made a mess.

Now all I have is the kitty.

And Wicket. She doesn’t want to be forgotten.


Thumper the Humper


Valentines day  never looked so humpin’ good. IMG_5016

Lady rabbit even wore her pearls.

Fancy rabbits.

IMG_5025 IMG_5043

These lucky rabbits are being sent to a friend as a valentine.

But more will be made and placed in my Etsy store. Keep an eye open!

IMG_5035 IMG_5037



Ocean triangle quilt


All top quilting is done.

Binding is on.


IMG_4974 IMG_4944

And Wicket has already claimed it for herself. IMG_4946

Poor Animal didn’t even stand a chance of it being his. IMG_4922 IMG_4927

Sharing is not her biggest thing. IMG_4898


The ocean triangle quilt

This quilt is so close to being done.

I can smell it.


Most of the top quilting is done.IMG_4862

It still needs all the little strings need to be trimmed.

And the binding needs to be made up and attached.

IMG_4878 IMG_4875


Im super excited to finish this quilt and to be able to use it. It has been very cold here!

Must sew faster! Must not get distracted by food or dogs! 🙂



This winter has been harsher than harsh.

So cold.

Animal says why go outside when you can stay inside.



Stay inside! Bundle up! Avoid winter!

And wake me when it is spring.




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