Wired Flags

I am ready for spring. I think these colorful cute flags prove that! hehe.

Playing with these fabrics for the flags, I wanted them to be colorful and bright.  I started by cutting out a few rectangles of each for the flags. The rectangles were double the size of the wire I had cut out.



I used masking tape to cover each of the wires for the flag. If making these again I would use a white masking tape or a lighter color.

The yellow blended through some of the fabrics.



So with your fabric cut out and your wire covered in masking tape or some other tape to protect the fabric grab the Mod Podge and cover that fabric and tape in glue.

A thinish layer will work.



Fold over your fabric and let the glue set.



Once the glue is set trim up your flags into cute flags. I used a triangle zig zag scissors on the flags. Add more glue if you need to fix any edges.

I used toothpicks for the stem part of the flag. Skewers would work too if you need a longer stem.


I dipped the toothpick in Mod Podge and rolled the edge of the flag around it. Using hot glue would go faster.

Once dried bend to the desired shape and use anyplace that need a colorful spring flag.

IMG_5344 IMG_5346



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