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Kitty Shirt


I had this older sweater from Old Navy. I had actually bought it with the thought that I would screen print something on it.

A few months later here we are.



The sweater even has a nice texture to it. Little neon color points. I thought it would be purrfect for a kitty.


I didn’t take a picture of the stencil or the stenciling process. 🙁

But heres the kitty!




Such a cool screen print! I love it!


Bunny, deer ‘n fox. Ohmy!

The last of the stroller quilts!

I had originally planned to use these triangles on a quilt of their own. After making the frenchie stroller quilt I quickly changed my mind!

Since I had already cut out the triangles it made the sewing part go really quick.

I did two in a bright true blue and one in a spring yellow.



The most binding I have made at once! Had to take a picture! Might be about three yards of binding!

A friend calls it spaghetti. The spaghetti of binding. hehe.



Little bunny!




Oh deer!





The fox.

IMG_7033 IMG_7037


Again all the quilting was just to show the outlines of what was happening on the front. I love the simplicity. Perfect for a little kid! All three of these will be listed on etsy!

Circus Stroller Quilt

For this stroller quilt I used fabrics from the scrap bin.

This time I used Michael Miller, Textured Basics by Patty Young. 

I last time I used this fabric line was for pot holders!

I had smaller scraps so I used them to make half rectangle triangles. I love this look. Different from the normal half square triangle.



I wanted the quilt to be fun. I made the half rectangle triangles look like a circus platform and added a little French Bulldog.




Not to over due the cuteness I added a banner to the top. Super cute!



The back i made a stripe down the center with the same fabric I used for the French Bulldog. For the quilting I outlined the bulldog and banner and created lines going up the side. I love how simple it is yet all the detail is there.



Wicket of course loves it cause its warm. She doesn’t care that there is a little Bulldog on it.



I was so exited about this quilt I made 3 more! More to share tomorrow!




I made a few headbands to help get me through the awkward growing hair out period.


These are pretty simple to make.

I used Ribbon, lace and elastic. A quick few minutes of sewing and voila!



For the lace headband I folded over the edge of my lace and folded the elastic into the edge fold. I also used a wider piece of elastic than the ribbon headbands cause the lace is wider. I added a few decorative stitches to keep the elastic from coming loose.


The lace I used is actually from an old skit I took apart. I never liked the skirt anyways! But I loved the lace. Its a nice minty color. swoon.




I enjoy these. I hope to get more ribbon and make a few more.


100 Happy days




I first heard about 100 happy days over at a beautiful mess. Its a challenge that makes you document something that makes you happy. For 100 days in a row and share it.

What a great idea! Ive been having a hard time seeing the good things in the small details.



That sounds nice and easy! Better mood! Compliments! Optimism! Love! Whats not to like!

Sign me up!



So lets go enjoy the little things and have a fun happy time.

Ill be posting on Instagram! Join me in the funnn! 🙂


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