Kite building supplies.

Dowel rods and a saw.

Later string, fabric and glue will be needed. These kites will be for my spring wall so they are smaller in size.


I sawed my dowel rods to the desired size and cut notches in the ends. Again pretty small since they are going on my spring wall.

All sawed up. Place the smaller dowel on top of the larger one and wrap with string until tied together.



Now thread the string through the notches of the dowel rod to create a diamond/ star shape.

Almost kite time!


The fabric is cut a bit larger than the kite. The fabric will be wrapped/ tucked into the string we used to make the diamond shape. I used glue to adhere the fabric to the dowels.




I got this fabric at an antique mall in Milwaukee. Great find!

These cute bunnies scream spring.




Kites! Attach the tail with ribbon or bows. I used scrap fabrics.



Ready to fly on the spring wall!


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