Anthro shirt

I love seeing these refashioned shirts. And I love not spending the money.

For my refashioned Anthropologie shirt I used an old Target shirt and fabric from the Camp Modern line by Birch fabrics.

This fabric is pretty old and is discontinued.

Here we go cutting into the precious fabric.


I used my seam ripper and tore out a portion of the back. I stopped just below the shoulder blades/ arm area. This is where I will be sewing in my bears. I used that piece of fabric as a template to cut out my bears. Since the bears were of the cotton variety and the shirt is a stretchy knit I added about an inch to each side.

Would hate to be stuffed in the shirt like a sausage.

I knew I would want the high-low look for the shirt so I kept my bears on the longer side.

A bit too long but trimming the bears would be easier than not cutting enough.



The next step is to sew up the top and then the sides.

I suggest using a kitty as a sewing weight. Works very well.

A++ would use again.



I used a zig zag stitch to attach the sides together. If I had a serger I would use that.

Zig zag works well enough.



Finished back! Looks good! I used the bottom ribbon binding from the original Target shirt for the bottom of this shirt. Since the binding is ribbon and the shirt is cotton it kinda rolls under the cotton. I don’t mind this.



Other Anthro refashioned shirts use the cotton for the pocket. Since my shirt already had a tiny cute pocket I decided to leave it as it.






And one awkward mirror photo. The cats need to learn how to take photos.




I love this shirt and will actually be wearing it out of the house. 🙂


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