Bunny, deer ‘n fox. Ohmy!

The last of the stroller quilts!

I had originally planned to use these triangles on a quilt of their own. After making the frenchie stroller quilt I quickly changed my mind!

Since I had already cut out the triangles it made the sewing part go really quick.

I did two in a bright true blue and one in a spring yellow.



The most binding I have made at once! Had to take a picture! Might be about three yards of binding!

A friend calls it spaghetti. The spaghetti of binding. hehe.



Little bunny!




Oh deer!





The fox.

IMG_7033 IMG_7037


Again all the quilting was just to show the outlines of what was happening on the front. I love the simplicity. Perfect for a little kid! All three of these will be listed on etsy!

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