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Embrace Messy Hair

I have a friend that works in a hair salon.

She embraces messy hair every day.

I decided to make her a shirt for all my messy hairs she has cut.


This friend only wears dark colors, so I picked out a dark shit and purple for the screen printing paint.

I cut out my embrace messy hair stencil. This stencil I found just by searching the internets for “embrace messy hair.” Easy as that.



The tape on the shirt is marking where the frame for the screen printing will sit. This hopefully makes it so the print wont be crooked or uneven.


IMG_8367 IMG_8366


I thought it came out a bit too dark. Like hard to read dark.

But in the sun it shines bright.




Owl and Fox pin

Made up some pins this weekend.

I always think this will take me a few hours when making pins. Two days later and all the pins are done.


For now.


Gluing takes a lot time.

I saw the owl and fox fabric at the craft store and I knew it would make perfect pins.




The first step is to cut out the fox and owls. I tried to get as close as I could to the print as I could.


Time to pull out those tiny scissors!


I used felt for the backing of the pins. I like this craft felt. It is thin enough but it still adds stability to the pin.

I cut the felt into strips using my rotary cutter. I then measured out the size of my pins and cut the felt into rectangles the size of the pin.

All matched up and ready to glue.



Add glue to one side and press together.




Once the glue has dried trim the excess felt off. Careful not to over trim.


Again time to use those tiny scissors!




The next step is to glue the pin backs to the felt. I line my pin backs up in a row and opened. This makes it easier to know which way to place your pin so the opening is up and not down. And easier to wear. 🙂



Once the glue from the pin backs is mostly dry I used embroidery thread and added some extra stitches to the pin back. This will keep the pin back in place if the glue decides to stop working.

I also added some decoration to the front of the pin. I used blue embroidery floss for the owls and an orange for the foxes.

French knots for the eyes. And a simple nose. 🙂


Spray the edges with a fray stopper and voilà!



These pins have been listed on Etsy! Get them while they are hot!


The Adventures of Pinocchio

Today is the last day of the Puffin Classics.

Pinocchio! And thats no lie.



Pinocchio was the easiest embroidery book of the week.




I think he looks cute.

For wood.



More fun to come Monday. Super glad it is the weekend.

A Little Princess

I think every little girl dreams of princesses.

I dreamed of those far away places, the dresses, the food, the tea parties!

I wanted it all! I wanted to feel the magic.


“I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, Even if they arent’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses.”

-Frances Hodgson Burnett



This is my favorite book cover that I have done this week.

Everything feels very princess like. 🙂




IMG_8461 IMG_8460


The last Puffin Classics book cover is tomorrow!

Hans Andersen’s Fairy tales

I am a huge fan of make believe.

Huge fan.

Stories that make your imagination run wild.



Hans Andersen is full of make believe. And fairy tales. Many of his fairy tales have become little kids films.  A lot of these films have different takes than that of the actual story.



The story of The Little Mermaid has more of a grim outlook than the Disney films portray it. Not very magical at all.

That story is very much for the adults.

I don’t want to spoil the story,but it is very different.



I always read and re read The Ugly Duckling. I was a pretty awkward kid. Still am awkward. But Ive at least grown into someone less awkward.


IMG_8442 IMG_8441




More Puffin Classics tomorrow!


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