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More baby stuff!

I swear today is the last of this baby week!

Today we have burp clothes and a minky baby blanket.

I also made a pair of baby mittens! Those mittens were hard!

Super tricky! I ended up making only one pair of the mittens.

The other pair is still in the corner. I threw it there.


The baby mittens are so cute!

I decided to cut into my precious wee wander fabric by Sarah Jane.

I made them out of the With birds in Pink print.



Both the burp cloths and minky blanket I sewed right sides together leaving space to turn it right side out. Just like the bibs yesterday.

I top stitched and bam! Super cute!



I think everything will be well received. 🙂


baby shoes!

These are so precious/ adorable/ tiny.

Like so damn cute!

I’ve never made something so cute.

I found lots of baby shoe pattern. I found the tutorial on Homemade Toast to have the best and most clear pictures.

Plus she has a toddler size for when baby is older.



I used the print Bear Family from Everyday Party by Birch. I actually keep calling it bears in party hats.

Are we tired of this line yet? I still love it. 🙂


For the soles I used Ant March.

I thought that was clever. 🙂


I found the directions that Handmade Toast gave to be clear and well written.

I breezed through these shoes!

So much cuteness!

I plan on making more or at least another pair this weekend.

Or maybe today.



I think baby needs lots of shoes.


Since I was dealing with smaller scrap pieces I had a few pieces where the print was going the wrong direction.

I still think they are super cute and luckily they are for a baby.


One more day of baby week and then we are done!

I am ready for the weekend. 🙂

Baby Bibs

I think most baby stuff is pretty easy to make.

Bibs are super easy.

I used fabric I had laying around and minky or flannel for the back.

There are lots of patterns out there makes it easy to pick one.

Print your chosen pattern and cut out your fabric!



I placed my fabric right sides together and sewed almost all the way around.

I left a gap about the size of my forefinger and thumb. I have a big thumb so this part is important. 🙂


Before turning your bib right side out we will notch the inside of the neck.

This will help the curves. Less bulk on those curves. Do not cut into the stitches. Eeep!

Turn right side out and press.



Before sewing on the velcro I top stitched all the way around the bib.

The top stitch also helps close up that gap from earlier.

I used a metallic thread! Adds a nice sparkle.




Pin the velcro to place and stitch that into place.

Again I used metallic thread.  IMG_0248


And bam! Just like that the bibs are done!

Hang in a cute spot till baby shower. 🙂

IMG_0279 IMG_0282 IMG_0283


This last is my favorite.

I think I used this fabric for a raincoat for wicket when she was a puppy!

The print on it is just super cute! 🙂



A whale

A whale and a mobile.

I should just call this week baby week. I have made so much baby stuff for a relatives baby!

Today is the mobile. Mobiles are hard to get right.

Hard to make sure every weight added to it stays even.

I didn’t take many pictures. I’ve been working at night and even though I have a sun light that would allow me to take nice pictures I just don’t think of it.


I used an old embroidery hoop for the outer rim. I covered it in Everyday Party from Birch.

The whale I used this whale pattern.  Pretty easy and straight forward.

I used the white strawberry print for the upper whale and I used the pink strawberry print for the underbelly.


The whale is detachable.

Whaley uses velcro to attach to everything.

I thought this would be nice for road trips or high chairs.

Until kid strength takes over. Velcro is not that strong. 🙂



I cut out a few of the birds from the birds on flight print.

I backed these birds with the same fabric just the cloudy blue part.

I used metallic thread to attach these birdies to the mobile.



And there we have it.

Whaley the whale.



Birthday Donuts

Yesterday was my 29th birthday.

I made donuts.

I made a lot of donuts.

IMG_9907 IMG_9947 IMG_9959

Pink! Purple! Blue!

So many colors!



The blue ones I think were the prettiest.

I adapted this recipe  from Perpetually Hungry.

Instead of adding cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla I added a few teaspoons of orange extract.

I wanted the taste to be light and airy. 🙂

A++ will make again.












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