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Dog Blog

When I have nothing crafty to post I post pictures of my dogs.

Dog blog.


She doesn’t like her naps to be interrupted for pictures.


More naps, less pictures for little Wicket.


WIP Wednesday

This week I am working on chevron &on quilt.

It is coming together pretty quick.


Ive laid them out so most of the greens/blues are on one side and the pinks are towards the end.


Since I have limited space I have been laying the rows out 4 deep and sewing them up that way.



Also when laying out I keep my fingers crossed that the pets wont come running across the quilt.


Look at these two! Walking across the quilt like they own it.





I love pie.

I love pie more than cake.


Pie is a pretty simple thing. It doesn’t have to be a complicated thing.


I use pre made pie crusts. I could make my own, but buying the pie crusts adds to the ease of making pies.

Plus the pie crusts usually come in a two pack. So thats two pies!



For my fruit mixture I do about two cups of cherries and one cup of blue berries.

I heat both of these fruits in a pot with about half a cup of honey. You can use sugar if thats all thats on hand. It will just have a sweater taste. When I can avoid sugar I try to.

While the mixture is heating I mix about two table spoons of corn starch into some cherry juice and add that to the mixed fruit pot.

Slowly pour the mixture into your pie crusts. Slowly. Pouring too fast can cause spillage.

Heat in the oven and bam! Simple pie is done!


Maybe if luck is on your side there will be pie left over for the next day. IMG_2277

Fabric Monday!

This week I have fabrics from GirlCharlee.com!

My one stop shop for knits. 🙂


Tossed pineapple in white cotton.


And gold pin dots on aqua blue. The color is more of a minty blue. Really nice.

The gold pin is chiffon.

Ive never worked with chiffon before.

It is fun to say. Chiffon. Chiffon. Chiffon.

And gold dots!

Gold dots!

Clearly my priorities are in order.IMG_2284

Any advice or any thoughts about what goes good with chiffon?



Some fabrics have the best selvage.


Enchant by Cinderberry Stitches for Riley Blake designs is one of those fabrics.




Im slowing cutting through this fabrics and the rest of wee wander for a chevron &on quilt.

Swoon some more.



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