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Thank goodness it is Friday. I am ready for the weekend.

Earlier this week the husband was complaining about not having enough pillow cases so I decided to whip some up.

Pillow cases are hard to photograph.

This was my first time making the pillowcases even though they are extremely easy to make. And super quick! Like 10-15 minutes quick!


I used fabrics from Camelot Cottons Mint to be and a few mystery prints from Joann’s. They both had been in my small stash for a while. The Joann’s fabric was actually in my larger scrap pile.

The main fabrics measured 18 x 22 inches and the trim fabrics measured 6 x 22. The main fabrics are also fat quarters. So if you have those they are almost perfect size for the pillow case.

The first thing I did was sew my hem line on my trim pieces.


I then attached my trim to the main fabrics.


See how fast this is going!

With right sides together I sewed up the three sides of the pillowcase. Make sure the trim side is left open for the pillow!

And bam! Done! Super fast!


We used the pillowcases last night and they worked out great!


Turns out the husband likes to squish up his pillow. Making his all wrinkly. hehe.


I think they are super cute and some day soon Ill make a dozen more.

I’d love to start making pillowcases to match the quilts. eeeee. 🙂


Peach Pie

Dang! I almost forgot to post my pie this week!

After the huge picking of peaches a pie was to be made right away!

So many peaches!


I went with acorns and maple leaves for this pie.

Peaches feel like fall to me and the weather here has been very non summer like.

So mentally I guess I am ready for fall! 🙂


The filling is the same as my other pies. Honey for sweetness and cinnamon for yummyness. 🙂

This pie is full of cuteness!



Other pies:

Deer Pie. Strawberry Pie. Squirrelly Pie. And Pie.


Metallic Gem Zipper Pouch

SeeKateSew has a very cute tutorial on a zipper pouch. Actually she has a few cute free pouch tutorials, but this is the one I decided to make this week.

Almost a year ago I won some metallic thread through SewMamaSew’s huge giveaway. And when SeeKateSew came up with this pouch I thought it was perfect for my metallic thread!

I had only used the thread a few times. Mostly on some light top stitching. This was going to be great!


I decided on some awesome pink fabrics. The print out pattern is a good size.

I think for next time I might make it a smudge larger. I also might add a loop to carry this cute pouch!

I had to find an invisible zipper tutorial because it had been so long since I put in a zipper. That was also the only kind of zipper I had on hand.



My Iphone fits the pouch but I think any phone thats larger would be pushing it.


Overall the pattern was quick and easy.

I will be making this pouch again for sure! Ive got some holiday gifts to make!



Ottoman Makeover

Last week the neighbors had a yard sale and these ottomans were up for sale.

I grabbed them up so fast that I sat on one of them during the entire yard sale.

The ottomans themselves are in great condition. A few stains but the cushion part was all in tack. That made making over these cushions easy. Not sure what I would have done if I had to re do the cushion part.


I am using the I heart bees fabric from my Hawthorn Threads order.

The salvage is super cute. The quote on it says “<3 Leap and the net will appear” IMG_3514

I used craft paper to draw out my pattern. I measured the ottoman sides and the top and added a few inches for the seam allowance. I also added a few inches at the bottom. There was still velcro on the ottoman so that made the attaching the fabric to the ottoman easy. I will be using velcro to attach the fabric to the ottoman.

I cut 4 for the sides and one for the top. I did not line these. I would have liked to but I am low on muslim!

I left the salvage on, I wanted those nice words to be part of my cushions.


I sewed all the sides together so you have a large tube of fabrics.

I tried both of them on the cushions to make sure I have the right fit before attaching the top. I needed to take more in and make the slipcover tighter.IMG_3524

Once the fit is to what you like attach the top to the sides.

I had added too much seam allowance to one of my tops. Like two inches on each side too much. Just for the blue grey I heart bees fabric. The mint I heart bees I measured just fine.

Sew the side to the top and trim the excess fabric off. I had a lot to trim down.


My covered ottomans! They look so pretty!

But we are not done yet. We need to attach the velcro to the bottom of the fabrics.

I measure the velcro line on the bottom of the ottoman and cut my velcro to match.

All I did was fold the fabrics up to create a hem line. I pinned the velcro on the inside of the hem. So when folded under the ottoman it would attach to the velcro on the ottoman.

Sew that up and bam!


Bam! I think they look super awesome!


And now Animal has a place to sit next to me while I work!

He loves them. 🙂



Also linking up with a bunch of link up parties!






Fabric Monday!

The mail lady finally came! And now we have fabric Monday!


This time I ordered from Hawthorn threads. I ordered two yards of I heart bees in blue grey and in mint. And two yards of gnome pants in indigo. 

I am in love! They fabrics are so great! I have already cut up the I heart bees. I was so excited to use them right away.


I also won a book! Sewtopia was having a giveaway on instagram and I won!

This very pretty book also made it to my door step this weekend. 🙂


I am excited to start making these cute blocks! Tomorrow Ill be showing off what I made with the I heart bees fabric! Exciting! 🙂

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