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Sunday Stash

I ordered fabrics for my Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap.

I am excited to start this mini quilt. Ive posted pictured of the ones I am using for the quilt and I am thrilled that my unknowing partner loves the color choices!


I ordered these fabrics from I like the fast shipping. We finally moved out of the swamp apartment and I needed the order before moving.

Even though I have a few Cotton and Steel basics left in my stash I really wanted to use them for this quilt and decided to play it safe. Order them again! Why yes I would! 🙂



To match the C&S Basics I ordered blue Moda solids. They match pretty perfect. I also plan on using the left overs in a MineCraft pillow for my nephew.


The ones I am using for the quilt swap took a bit of thinking to do. Ive decided to make this Ombre Vibes quilt. I wanted to get the ombre just right. Especially since I was using prints. I think it is a tad bit harder to get the ombre down with prints.

These are the ones I have decided on:


I have gotten as far as cutting out my squares. Ive made my squares three inches. Tiny little things!


Can’t wait to get quilting! Gotta finish moving first! 🙂

Linking up with Molly Sparkles and his stash report. 🙂 🙂


Holiday Ornaments

The holiday bug has hit me. I am excited for Christmas. I am excited for snow. I am excited to make gifts for everyone. But I am always excited for the gift part. Never excited for the holidays or the snow.

Ive started making holiday ornaments for our christmas tree. We don’t even have a tree and wont have one for another few weeks. Ill probably make more ornaments. Last year our tree was a bit sparse. We only have ornaments that we bought from the Christkindle market and from my childhood. None were saved from my husbands childhood.

I made these ornaments by needle felting them. Pretty much- stabby stab stab! Its a good east time. The hardest part is making them look good.

Last year I also made a cute little foxie. He ended up being giving away. Making a new cute little foxie was easy. He came together fast.


My process on making these is to look at a picture and recreate what I see as best as I can. Pretty lucky this works out for me.




Little foxie needed a friend. A gnome was made.


Hes pretty cute. And he kinda looks drunk.

Drunk gnome has to lean against foxie to support him.

I will call them David and Swift.



David and Swift will go on adventures. Save other animals and keep the forest safe. IMG_5536


Sunday Stash

Hooking up with Molly Sparkles this week to share my stash report.

This week was a good fabric week. I ordered 4 yards of Park Floral in Delft from Hawthorn Threads. When I ordered there were just over 6 yards available. I was pretty tempted to order all 6 yards. But I went with a more reasonable 4 yards.

This is not my first run in with this fabric. I also used it in one of my favorite quilts this summer. I was still in love and had to get it before it was all gone. I think I am planning on using it on the back of my swoon quilt. If I ever get around to finishing it.



This week the husband and I also took a trip to Ikea. Ikeaaaaaa! Magical land. We went to look at cribs and a few other baby items. Mostly to see if they were worth buying. We’re not planning on buying any big baby items till after a baby shower. But we are not sure any of our relatives will be able to buy or give any big baby items. we just don’t expect it. So we wanted to plan out what we would have to get. And of course I had to stop by the fabric/ textile area. Oh swoon!


I wanted them all! But I managed to pick out one fabric and get a yard cut. I went with Algort. It has pretty pink trees and Moose on it. I don’t often buy fabric just to have it sit around. I try to have a plan for most of the fabric I get. My plan for this one is to use one of the moose panels for my Schnitzel and Boo quilt swap. I hope my partner like it!



And to the protective bin for both of these fabrics. In just a short time we will be at a new apartment and my fabrics will all be safe! I think I keep getting more fabrics cause I can’t just look and touch my old fabrics. I hope I have enough space for everything!


Baby baby babbbbyyyyy

Ill try to do a pregnancy update every few weeks.

So here is my first.



How far along:  Just about 12 weeks. No noticeable bump yet. Just a bit bloated.

Sleep: Still sleeping on my side or stomach. I wake up to pee every few hours. And I wake up are 3am each morning for just about a week. I usually over think things at this time. Or worry about something small. Like someone giving my dogs grapes. Thats never going to happen. But I worry about it.

Diet/ Cravings:  Anything not home made. Ive been eating a lot of grapes. Anything cold really.

Symptoms: Pretty much over the morning sickness. Wooo! Feeling tired all the time. When I wake up I already want to go back to a nap.

Wearing: Leggings and a shirt of my husbands. They are so soft!. Most of them are from target. 🙂 Need to find a winter maternity coat pretty soon though.

Looking forward to: Moving and setting up the nursery! I am so glad we are getting a place with a tiny nursery! I am excited to feel movement too! Yesterday during the ultrasound it was super amazing to see the tiny heartbeat. Can’t wait to get this party started.

Cinderberry Stitches Pins

I made a few pins with Cinderberry Stitches Enchant little folk fabric by Natalie Lymer for Riley Blake. This fabric has been in my stash for a year or so. Ive been saving this particular cut for pins.

I cut my pieces out. The design of the fabric made it easy to see how the pin would work. I cut them a bit bigger than needed, same with the felt backing. Once glued together I trimmed them down to a more pin like size.



With my pieces trimmed I glued my pin on the felt back. I take special care to make sure each of the pin clips and pin backs are facing up. This makes it easier to wear the pin.




Once dried, or mostly dried I take some embroidery floss and secure the pin clip to the felt back.


IMG_5491 IMG_5495


These pins are so cute!

I have also signed up for Schnitzel and Boo’s third round of the mini quilt swap. I am super excited. This is my first quilt swap. I hope I make something my partner will love!



We found out that we are hopefully moving out of swamp ass apartment early next week. Even though the next apartment is a bit smaller I am excited that the baby gets its own nursery! I am also excited to unpack all of my craft and fabrics! They all have been hiding in a few bins! Keeping all that fabric safe!

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