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A mistake of sorts

The post I had planned today didn’t go as planned.

I had this maternity shirt all planned out. Had my fabrics picked out, made my pattern with craft paper. Cut out my precious fabrics and sewed that beast up. Well it turns out it still needs a few adjustments.

I think I made a muumuu. A tent that could be a muumuu. Im not sure what to call it. But you can surely call it unattractive and weird fitting in all the wrong spots. I know this is from being pregnant and sewing up my first maternity shirt. But why does it have to be with precious fabrics! Why couldn’t the sewing gods just let this one work out.

So luckily enough. I think the back panel of the shirt works just fine, but the front panel needs the work. Needs more style. More pleats. More ruffle. More something.

Here is what I can show you of the back.



Any advice I would love to hear it.

So instead of sewing yesterday I played dress up with the dogs.

As you can see only Animal likes to play dress up. Wicket has one hoodie that she likes and thats all she wants to wear. None of this dress up business.



They did get cookies after the pictures were taken. These dogs do not work for free.

I also got some reading done. I have this small goal of reading 12 books this year. That is only one per month. I think I can do this even with having a baby in the middle of the year.


This month I read Sarum:The novel of England by Edward Rutherfurd.  This book outlines the entire history of England and follows many generations of a few families that lived over the centuries. There are families that I loved and a family that I just hated. He made it so easy to hate them. This is one book you keep going back and thinking about the families.

Ive read one other book of his a few years back, “New York, The Novel” and I ate that up. I love historical fiction. I think it is an easy way to read history and at least peak your interest at some of the events that have happened. When I bought Sarum I also bought a few other of his books. So expect to see those in the up coming months.

Schnitzel and Boo

I received my mini quilt from my partner just about a  week ago. I am slow to blogging these days.

My partner did a great job! Plus we both have the amazing name of Laurel. So that is the best.


That little fox is so adorable. The back is lined with Glow Friends by Sarah Jane! How perfect!

She even made a tiny adorable hat for baby Rohan!

I love it all. It was perfect. I will for sure participate in this swap again. Or maybe us quilters know how to make the perfect gifts. Ill try to participate in more quilting swaps. 🙂

Week 21 baby update

Last Thursday we found out if we were team boy or team girl.

The ultrasound went great. Baby waved at us with both hands. Gave us a thumbs up and stuck its tongue out!



The clear winner is boy!

We are so excited!



We have a first name picked out but the middle name is still up in the air.

Rohan. Little baby Rohan. We had wanted to go with an e middle name but with the initials spelled out it would be R. E. A. R.

Oh golly. Not going with an e middle name. Would love to hear all the suggestions.

We told the dogs what the babys gender is, Animal got really excited.

Ive never seen him smile so big. So big.



Little baby Rohan has been kicking up a storm late at night and early early in the morning.

Maybe he’s gonna be a soccer star.


Meringue of the Union

I made meringues last night for the State of the Union.

They are so delicious. Melt in your mouth and just the right amount of sweet.

I made two flavors. You can call them swirl meringues.

I have strawberries and blackberries. I have been on a tart black berry kick lately. It is my jam.

So to prep the berries for the meringues and make a sauce I covered the fruit in honey and balsamic vinegar in a bake safe dish. I baked them at about 300 for 15 minutes or until they are soft. I let the fruit mixtures cool before putting them in the food processor. I then used a strainer sifter to get the seeds out of both the mixtures. I dislike seeds in my jam.



Ive remember my dad making meringues when I was a kid. I tried to keep these meringues as close to what I remember him making. Keeping it simple.

I used four egg whites and beat those till stiff peaks. I slowly added the cup of sugar and a teaspoon of cream of tartar. Continue to beat the meringues until the meringue is smooth and glossy.


Spoon your mixture out into equal mounds. Try to keep them as equal in size as possible. I know this is tricky. Take a spoonful of your berry mixture and swirl it around your meringue mound. Try no to make them too soupy- the meringues will take longer to cook and set if this happens. They will still be delicious, but it takes longer.

These are my strawberry meringues.



And my blackberry meringues.


They look good enough to eat already.



Bake your meringues at 300 for about 20-30 minutes. Or until the meringues are firm to the touch. The key to keeping your meringues chewy in the center is to let them cool in the oven. After your meringues are firm turn the oven off and let the meringues sit. This for my oven is 30- 45 minutes. It could be longer or shorter depending on the oven.



I only managed to get finished pictures of the blackberry meringues. My husband came in and swooped up all the strawberry ones! Noms!

Store leftover meringues, if there are any, in an air tight container. They will last a couple of days.



Berry Jam

1 cup berries of choice. I used blackberries and strawberries.

1 teaspoon Honey

1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar.

Bake at 300 for about 15 minutes or until soft.



4 egg whites

1 cup white sugar

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

Beat egg whites till stiff peaks form. Slowly add sugar and cream of tartar. Continue to beat until meringues are smooth and glossy.

Bake at 300 for about 20-30 minutes or until meringues are firm to the touch. Let cool in the oven for about another 30-45 minutes.


Schnitzel and Boo Quilt

Since the quilt is being delivered today to my swap partner I decided it was perfect time to do a post about it.

You can seethe quilt top post here.

I used the Ombre Vibes quilt pattern.  Yayy for a free pattern!

So I finished the quilt top pretty quick. Before the holidays. I had planned this cause I always take forever with the quilting. And just as normal- I took forever deciding on what to do for the quilting. I waited till the last week to do the quilting!

It also took me a few nights to decide on what fabric to use for the back. I had picked out an Ikea print but as it goes it did not go very well with the front or match up nicely. I finally remembered that I had left over I heart bees fabric.

I went with some hand quilting. I love the look of it. I didn’t realize it would take me a few days to do such a small quilt. But I think it was totally worth it! I tried to match the colors from light to dark to match the fabric.


I heart bees fabric worked perfectly for the quilt. Keeping with the Cotton and Steel theme it matched perfectly.



This mini quilt is super cute!


I really hope my partner loves it as much as I do. IMG_6323


This is also my first quilt finish for the year! Yayyy!

I hope to start working on the husbands swoon quilt and hopefully decide what to make this little baby.

Edit: Linking up with Amy’s creative side! 


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