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38 Weeks

No baby yet. guh. I know a lot of first time moms go over their due dates but I am so ready!

Yesterdays appointment brought up nothing new. How exciting right.

On the right are tiny contractions that I had no idea were happening.



I picked out outfits to bring the baby home in.

One of them is newborn size and the other is 0-3 months. One of them is bound to fit. The hat on the right has tiny dinosaurs on it. It can be found here.

I am getting my bag packed- what all did you bring in yours and what did you find unnecessary? I hate to over pack. Im just not that person. Plus we live less than 5 minutes away from the hospital if I need anything the husband can always go get it.



And for a baby bump picture. I had this one taken on May 21st.



Heres to hoping the baby comes this weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bernard Embroidery Throw back Thursday

Today I have my weekly doctors update. Hopefully we get some exciting news about when Baby Rohan will be getting here. Ill be sharing that update tomorrow.

But for now we have in the way back machine one of my favorite embroideries. It is still on my embroidery wall too!

I call him Bernard. But he is a simple cute bunny.

At the time he was the most complicated embroidery I had done.



Even Wicket got in on the fun.

It took me a while to finish Bernard. A week maybe? Im unsure.




He sure is cute.




I had made his mate Hank for a friend of my who has a bunny named Hank. I made Hank first and wanted my own bunny. Thats how Bernard came about.

His name is from Rescuers Down Under, Bianca and Bernard are the two main characters. Ive always loved that movie. One of my favorites growing up. And I always loved how Miss Bianca said Bernard. Bernaaarrrd.




More finished pictures of Bernardย for your viewing pleasure.

La Passacaglia WIP

Ive done a tiny bit of work on the La Passacaglia quilt.

I enjoy doing the starter cogs but working on the star part of the cogs is not something I like doing.

So I have started a bunch of the cogs. I know that Ill need them and most of them will be larger any ways. So Im just going with what I like.

I have another moon bunny from Cotton and Steel. This time I used a different part of the moon cycle. I still might make a third one with the moon cycle bunnies. I just love this fabric. The center is from the Mint To Be line by Camelot Cottons. Im pretty pleased with how the fussy cut turned out in the center. I know it is not perfect but I still like it.

Moon Bunny


The second cog that I made has mystery fabric from Joanns for the center.

The strawberries are from Everyday Party by Emily Isabella by Birch Fabrics.


Everyday Party


This last one is my favorite one so far.

Look at that center fussy cut! Im super proud of it!

The Mushrooms are also from Everyday Party by Emily Isabella by Birch Fabrics.

Everyday Party


These next two are the current ones I am working on. And after these I think I will start adding the stars and moving on from there. I don’t want to make too many starter cogs and loose track.

This one is also from Everyday Party by Emily Isabella for Birch fabrics.



And this one is my first Tula Pink!

Forest Frivolity by Tula Pink. This one makes me go swoon. I am certain there will be more than one cog with this fabric.


As of this morning- Wednesday, I have not given birth. I am still anxious. Ive been having contractions but nothing regular or close enough that we could go to the hospital. guh.

I started finishing his baby quilt just to see if maybe if I get that done he will come out.

Come on baby Rohan! Come join the party! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday Stash

Linking up with Molli Sparkles and his Sunday Stash!

First off let me say (And Ill probably repeat this in the middle of the week) I love everyones comments. I am very sorry I have not replied to a lot of them. I am still playing the waiting game on when this little baby boy is coming.

We have been doing a lot of the wives tales just to get the show on the road. And a lot of walking.

I am so eager for the little one to come that I put in a large order to Fabricworm and all of it was kid/baby fabric. Ill be showing that off once it all arrives in the mail. ๐Ÿ™‚

Enough about next weeks stash- onto this weeks stash!


For my ginger triangle quilt I had my husband take me to Second City Quilting Co to get that pretty blue fabric. I swear he loves fabric shopping but only to local small shops. He loves picking out fabric and does so each time we go. If I take him to Joanns he throws a grumpy fit. I don’t mind that at all. I really only go to Joanns for thread and notions.

Flori- Logic by Pippa Moon for Studio e Fabrics. I had never heard of Studio e fabrics but I dig the softness and quality of this fabric. I got a yard and half of this fabric and only used the half yard in the ginger triangle quilt


The rest of the fabrics are what the husband picked out.

At Second City Quilting they have this nice set up where they have some half yards and fat quarters already cut up. So the husband just go and picks out what he likes. I guess this past week he was feeing the purple.

Two half yards of Lottie Da by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit Fabrics.



One half yard of Swallow Study by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Fabrics.

I love the brightness of this one! Swoon!



And one Fat Quarter of Beechwood Park by Jenean Morrison for Free Spirit Fabrics.

I had a hard time getting the true colors of this one in the photo. The group photo above is pretty close to the true colors of this fabric.

I have plans to use this one for my La Passcagalia quilt. The others I have no real plans for. Any suggestions would be great! ๐Ÿ™‚




Ginger Triangle Quilt

Triangle Quilt

This quilt was made for the friend who sent me their sewing machine when mine broke.

Super wooo! They were not expecting anything in return but a quilt always seems fitting.

Triangle Quilt

I had almost all of the fabrics on hand. The orange/red triangles are from Joanns a while back. Some of them even a few years back.

I had no real plan for the quilt and when I cut out all of the triangles and sewed them all together I realized that the quilt was not quite long enough. My friend is like 6 ft something. He’s super tall!

So off to Second City Quilt Co for some fabrics! I added a few blue flower strips to add to the length of the quilt. Unfortunately I cut into the fabric before seeing who it was made by and Second City does not seem to have it listed on their website.

I picked up a few other fabrics and Ill be showing those off on Sundays stash report. Maybe by then I will have figured out who made that pretty blue flower fabric.

Triangle Quilt


The backing of the fabric is a simple blue print also from Joanns. This fabric is pretty recent and part of their quilting line. I had a grey picked out for the back but it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the quilt. I used that same grey for the binding.

I kept the zig zag from all the triangles instead of trimming them down. I saw it on a different triangle quilt and thought that it was just the neatest cutest idea.

Triangle Quilt


The quilt measures 40 x 60

The quilting on the quilt is a simple straight line following the triangles. The batting I used is from Pellon cotton batting. Using Pellon was a first for me and call me a changed woman. I love it. I feel like it adds a nice plush to the quilt that other battings loose when quilted.

Triangle Quilt


Now to send this beauty off to my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


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