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TBT- Heartmallows

Tomorrow Ill have a craft post but Ive decided for the next couple of weeks to keep up with the throw back Thursdays. It is a nice way to showcase some posts that I love that weren’t seen by others.

Heartmallows are my take on marshmallows. But in heart shape. And cute.

I made these back in Nov of 2013. I used a recipe from the Urban Poser. 

I like this recipe because it is not overly sweet like other homemade mallows. It is sweetened with honey and not powdered sugar. Yum!

I feel like this recipe is fool proof. Ive never messed it up. Always have had good luck. 🙂


The outer coating of these are cocoa and cinnamon.

Soft pillows of deliciousness. Heartmallows

I heart them.

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I need to make more of these very soon! Q3DHq