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Throw back Thursday:: All the Pies

The weather has gotten a bit cooler here-not that we had many hot days. But I welcome the fall cooler weather. I live the smells and the blustery wind. Fall is my favorite season. 

Every fall we go fruit picking with my dad. This year is no different. This next weekend Rohan is going on his first picking trip. With all that fruit we pick I often make pies. Lots of pies. 

Recently, since we moved into a better apartment and have the space I got a pie pan. So expect more pies this fall! No more pre made crust. Not that it was ever bad but homemade it just that much better. 

To get excited about this seasons pies I’ve decided to look back at all of my other pies. 

For this blueberry pie I went a little squirrely. I used a squirrel cookie cutter and arranged them in a bit of an over lapping circle.  Next up the perfect fall peach pie. 

Those maple leaves and acorn cookie cutouts make it feel like fall. This looks like it should be make for thanksgiving.   

 This pumpkin pie feels magical with its make believe gnomes. The squirrel,maple leaves and acorns all look like the belong but that mushroom looks a bit out of place. I’ll have to make another pumpkin pie to make up for that. 😂😂   I really like the design on this one.  This peach pie is an A plus. The whole layout feels even and looks great.   For a lot of these pies I just love using cookie cutters to do something different and new. Like this owl pie. I love being able to make a pie so pretty. 

  These next pies are less of the sweet variety and more of the savory. They really make me want to make chicken pot pie. 

I think a pot pie is on the menu for tonight. 

Om nom nom! 

  I’ve been working on finishing two quilts and a mini for a swap. Most of the sewing I get to do is maybe 20 minutes a night. But most of the time I’m just so tired I go right to bed with out even thinking of sewing. I know in weeks time sleep will continue to get better. But for now I am choosing sleep over sewing. I’ve also been working on my hand sewing a lot. I should have a work in progress one of these Wednesday’s for that. 

Rohan is doing great. He is growing and of course is getting cuter every day. He is almost laughing. His laugh right now sounds like a he-haw of a donkey. I’ll try to take three month photos and get those uploaded here. You can always follow along on Instagram. Of course it is always easier to post there. I also have his birth story almost all written up. Who knew that would be so hard! Just hit publish already! 

Throw back Thursday:: Baby Shoes

I wanted to post these baby shoes because Rohan is about the size that he would fit into them. These particular pair of shoes I made for my niece as part of her baby shower gifts. 

When they were visiting a few weeks ago I had a chance to ask my SIL if my niece had a chance to wear the shoes and how long did they fit. I was basically asking if it was worth it to make more. I was surprised to find out that they got a good amount of wear and tear out of them. 


So now my plan is to make Rohan a few cute pairs of shoes. My sewing list just keeps getting longer and longer. I hope I can keep up with it. I’ve been able to sew at my machine for about an hour each day now. Hand sewing is a bit more cause I can do that while sitting with him while he’s awake. 

This fabric is from Emily Isabella’s Everyday party. I bet you are starting to wonder if I use any other fabrics. Don’t worry. I do. I like this line so much I’ve ordered it a few times. I’m hoarding some pieces. 

Unfortunately for me I am all out of the Bears with party hats. But I have enough cute fabric that that part doesn’t matter. 

These shoes are an easy sew. I love that they are like baby Toms.   

I’m excited for me Rohan to be rockin a pair of these shoes! 😍😍

You can find a clear tutorial over at Homemade toast.  Seeing her page reminded me that she has a size for toddlers. I should make some extra ones for my niece. 


Fabric Baby Book

Again I was bad with taking pictures of a done project before giving it away. 

I blame that on not having enough time to focus on my blog and sewing. It’s ok it’s all getting easier as the days go by. I am so thankful for that. 

I made these fabric books for my nieces birthday. 

There are a couple well written tutorials on how to make fabric books. The one I followed is from Birch fabrics. The tutorial is well written and easy to follow. 

I didn’t do every suggestion that was given in the tutorial since I was short on time. I used a cheater quilt for both the books. The first books is from Emily Isabella‘s Everyday party cheater quilt. This one was also used for the back of Evies baby quilt. 

The second fabric book is also from Emily Isabella. I really do like her art work. This time this one is from Happy Town

These books came together pretty fast. Maybe 15-30 minutes. Most of the work was cutting out the fabrics.   

That black thing below is my crinkle sound. I used some packing thing that had been used as protection in shipping. Use and reuse. 🙂 


These books turned out pretty cute. I love the bears picnic with the ants. Such a cute print. I know my niece already loves them. I’ll be making more for Rohan here soon. He’s almost old enough for them! 


Throw back Thursday- Fabric Stamps

This Thursday I am giving new life to these fabric stamps. I’ve seen a few others posted around the internets and thought mine needed to have some fresh air. 


The fabric is from Aneela Hoey’s “Walk in the woods” and Birch Fabric’s “Scamper”. 

These fabrics were already stamp size and I wanted to keep them forever. Lol. Precious fabrics. 


I used edging scissors and mod podge to get these kids together. I used thicker card stock and I brushed a thin layer of glue over the fabric and paper. 

So pretty! I still have these stamps. I’m thinking I’ll start sending these out with quilt swaps or giveaways. Swoon. 🙂 


German Chocolate Cake

I gotta admit. My favorite cake recipe is from the back of the German chocolate package.

It’s easy and simple. Comes together really fast. I think it has the perfect amount of sweetness.

For those reasons I made it my first cake in the new apartment. It also happens to be the husbands favorite cake.

I made three cakes. Each cake is 6in round. Perfect size for two people to eat.  Perfect cake for baking in the new apartment.  

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