October 2015 archive


Happy Halloween! 

Rohan is dressed up as a bat and is so cute! 

We’re not going anywhere or trick or treating. The weather this year is wet and cold. 

He also didn’t like the costume too much. It is a bit on the small side. So I guess it’s a good thing he’s only wearing it for s short time. 

Hope you all a good holiday and got all the good candy. 🕸✨🕷👻🕸

Schnitzel and boo mini 

Since I’ve talked about this min a bit here and here I’m making this post picture heavy. 

 The front has fabrics from Dear Stella, Heather Bailey and Joanns. 

The back is called Nevermore from Michael Miller. I’ve had this in my stash for a while. Glad I found the perfect use for some of it. 

The binding is arrows from Joanns quilting cotton. 


I love the quilting. I hope my partner enjoys it as much as I do. I’ll be sending it off along with some extra goodies. 🙂   



WIP Wednesday

I’m still chugging away at my Schnitzel and boo mini quilt. 

I feel much better about the direction I am going in. 

 Fun fact: there is a paper piece that I missed taking out. I have since sewn over it. So there’s no turning back now.   

 I also ran out of the thread I was using for the bobbin. A trip to the craft store is in order. 

I’m hoping to finish it by this weekend. I have so many ideas on things to make and so little time. 

A finished mini

I finished my Love Wins mini and sent it off to my partner. She has since received it and loves it!   

For the quilting I did a variation of gold and white thread in lines coming out of the sun burst.   
And in all my rush to get it sent out I didn’t take a picture of the back. Guh. Oh well. 

I’m glad it’s Friday- this was a long week. Excited to have the weekend for a little relaxing and hanging out with my boys. And maybe some sewing. 

Finished Triangle Quilt 

What I thought was going to be quick quilting turned into two months of quilting. 

I’ll take it. 

I got mr porcupine to hold the quilt it’s too big for me to hold.  The quilt is a bit bigger than queen size. I had scrap batting that I sewed together to get this size. 

My favorite thing about this quilt are the colors. So bright!   
I really like how the quilting shows up on the back. The arrows are perfect and super cute.   
Looks so good!   
I’m excited that I have finished my two big quilts. So excited to move on and work on something else. I’ve got a few ideas swishing around in my head. Can’t wait to get to them.