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Sunday Stash 

It has been a busy week over here. 

Rohan has been teething hard core and sleep is all over the place. 

 Someone tell this dude I’d like some sleep.  
But onto this weeks stash. We took an unplanned trip out to our local IKEA and of course I had to pick up some fabric. 

I love it! Look at that asparagus! Makes me hungry just looking at it. It feels like canvas but doesn’t seem heavy enough for it to be. So I am unsure what I’ll be doing with it. I’m thinking maybe curtains in Rohan’s room. 

I also managed to pick up issue 29 of Love and Patchwork. It has templates for English paper piecing clamshells. I’ve wanted to do clamshells for a while but I’ve been to scared. 

Linking up this week with Mollie Sparkles and his stash. 

WIP Wednesday 

Back to working on the triangle quilt. 

I can see the end in site! 

For the back I am using an ikea print that I picked up a year or so back.    
  And all folded up waiting for me to have time to quilt. I did get a few rows done but nothing to write home about. It’s going to take like two months at the snails pace I’m working at.  And in case you wanted to see more pictures- the last blog post about this quilt. 

Making Bias Tape

A few weeks back I had showed this Fabric from Joanns. I had plans to make bias tape with it. Make a lot and get it out of the way was my thinking. 

Sounds like a good plan.   
The grey fabric with the metallic arrows has the arrows going in the wrong direction! I could have made it work but cutting 40 short strips and piecing them back together did not sound fun. 

After realizing that the arrows run in the wrong direction I decided to check out a few other of my prints from Joanns and they also run in the wrong direction. So none of them would work for making the bias tape. 

Except one.  

I made one ball of bias tape. One. 

It’s double fold and size 3/4. I used one of those amazing bias tape maker tool thingy. One day I’ll write up a tutorial. After finishing this project I ordered three more bias tape makers. That was a while ago so I hope they are still coming! 

I already used some of my bias ball for a blanket for Rohan. More on that next week. 

Also I’ve just now realized that when replying to comments from my phone it doesn’t actually go through. Ugh! Sorry! 

Sunday Stash 

Phew. There is a lot to get through this Sunday. I did a lot of fabric shopping these past two weeks. 

 The sloths from Cotton and Steel and the horses from Windham fabrics in the next picture down were ordered online. The sloths will be perfect for my passacaglia quilt. The horses I got because they are horses. ☺️😂  
The horses were bought before finding out that my local fabric shop had the bundle on sale. So of course I had to grab the bundle for my stash. 

My local fabric shop also still has bolts from the Briar Rose from Heather Ross and the Bungalow from Joel Dewberry. How lucky to have a small shop carry such great fabrics! Since they were having a huge sale I bought a yard of each. 

I love the little bees in the Briar Rose fabric. And my husband loves the deep colors that Joel Dewberry uses. We both win! 

My happy little bundle!  
Linking up with Molli Sparkles and his stash. 🙂  

WIP Wednesday 

Still working on this La Passacaglia quilt. Slow and steady. I actually didn’t work on this quilt at all in December. I just started working on it again a week or so ago. 

So here’s where I’m at.  The pictures don’t seem like much but I worked really hard at it. Haha.     

And here are all my other la passacaglia wips. 1. 2. 3.  

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