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Floor Pouf 

Rohan has started to stand and pulls himself up with ease. We don’t have too much in our tiny apartment to help him so after much thought I decided to make a floor pouf. 

We did shop for one but spending $100 for something we thought was just ok was not in our budget. So instead we spent $30 for something that is also just ok. Haha. 

HGTV has a great tutorial and pattern for a floor pouf. So I was all over that. I managed to follow everything. The directions were pretty clear and I knew what steps had to be done but a few times I was asking myself what exactly they meant. But I stuck with it and in the end I got a great floor pouf. 

The pattern piece is 4 pieces that you tape together. Prefect and easy. Glad I was able to find the tape easily.  I used the fabric I just got from IKEA. The pattern says for two yards and I’m pretty sure I used less than that.  
I didn’t take any pictures during the process. It all came together quick and I was trying to get it done before Rohan woke up from a nap. 

And bam! 

I gotta admit I still have the gap open from where I stuffed it. I left it open cause I wasn’t sure if I had stuffed enough polyfill in it. I also stuffed old fabric scraps that I was positive I wasn’t going to use into it. I think it could be filled more but I’ll probably wait a few more days to fill it. I think I used around 4 lbs of polyfill. Seems like a lot. 

The big question is did Rohan use and and you betchya!   
 He tries climbing it to get into places he shouldn’t be. So I think it’s a win!  
So cute! 

You all have a good weekend. So you all next week! 

A taste for cake

Whenever there is a worry in my life I either clean or bake. Something that I can just jump into and finish. Not a lot of thinking involved just going through the motions.

My mom has been diagnosed with cancer. The outlook is just ok. It could go good or very bad. Currently it’s just going ok. I’ll take just ok over bad anyway though. Ive never been super close or had a good relationship to my parents and because of this my feelings on the whole situation are very conflicted. It feels weird to say that. I believe in karma. For every cause there is an effect. 
So for now I’ll have a super clean house and lots of baked goods.

The cake is a German chocolate cake. The exact recipe is on the back of those German chocolate packets you get in the baking aisle. Same with the coconut pecan filling. I followed the recipe exactly. Just like the last time I make German chocolate cake.

To assemble my cake I did the normal cake/ frosting layers. For the top and the outside instead of using frosting I used a chocolate ganache followed by a ring of pink coconut.

Ganache is quick and easy to make. It can be used for icing or glazing a cake to truffles. The difference is how much cream/ milk is in the mixture. The more milky or the more cream you add the thinner the ganache will be. The thinner it is the easier it is to spread. For the top of this cake we want to go with the smoother thinner ganache.

The general ratio is-

For thick glaze or layer cake filling- 1:1. Equal parts of milk and chocolate.

For truffles- 1:2. One part milk to two parts chocolate.

For pourable ganache like what we used in this cake- 2:1. Two parts milk to one part chocolate.

For the pink coconut I poured a handful of coconut and a few drops of pink food dye into a ziplock baggie and mixed it all together. You could keep mixing for a more even look but I loved that some of my flakes were brighter pink. I sprinkled a small ring along the edge of my cake. But it would look great if you decided to cover the entire cake. 

Pink Coconut

 This cake freezes well. For this time I froze more than half the fully assembled cake. Any time I wanted a few bites I took it out for a few minutes. It tasted more like eating ice cream. Yum! 



Tablet Case

The triangle quilt that I’ve been working on forever is now finished and I plan on taking more pictures this weekend. For now you get a cute picture of Wicket modeling on the quilt.   

I was getting pretty frustrated at how long the quilt was taking me so I wanted something quick and satisfying to make and a new tablet case was on the list. Little pouches like these take no time at all and I had everything on hand. 
I had a sample pack of gold faux leather and I HAD to use it right away. It was perfect for the tablet case. I love the look of pouches or bags with leather corners or tabs. I’m not sure what to call them so from here down it will be tabs. Leather tabs.

To make the tablet case pattern I traced the size of the tablet onto a piece of paper and added a 1/2 in for seam allowance. For reference this case will be the home to an Amazon Fire. 

Both the front and lining fabrics are from the Lovely Hunt by Lizzy House. This set of fabric reminds me on a sleeping bag I had as a kid. So that’s a fun fact. 

For this pouch you’ll need 2 (front and back) main fabrics.  

2 lining pieces.  

4 (faux) leather triangles. 

9 inch zipper 

And 2 pieces of fusible interfacing. 

I began by fussy cutting my pieces for the front and the back. I like fussy cuts. I like using them any time I get the chance. 

Apply fusible interfacing to the back of the main fabrics.  

Fold under the angled edge about 1/4 in on the leather tabs. You could leave this side raw but I like the folded look. Apply a bit of glue to the back side and clip in place with a few binding clips. Try not to use pins, they will leave a pin hole in the leather. Stitch just inside the folded edge. I used a gold metallic thread.   

Pin the RIGHT side of your zipper to the RIGHT side of your front main fabric. Pin the WRONG side of your zipper to the RIGHT side of a lining piece. 

Attach the zipper foot to your sewing machine. Attaching a zipper can be done without the zipper foot but this makes it easier. Stitch through all layers. Repeat for the other side.  
Press all seams away from the zipper.   
Unzip the zipper. Make sure you do this step so you can turn your bag right side out easily. Otherwise there is a closed zipper in the way. 

Pin the right sides of the outside pouch fabric and pin together the right sides of the lining together. Press the zipper seams towards the lining. Sew around the perimeter with a 1/2 in seam allowance leaving a gap in the lining to turn the bag right side out. Take care when sewing over the zipper. 


Clip the corners and trim down any excess seam allowance. 

Turn right side out and press. Stitch the opening in the lining close. 


And bam! A brand new case made in one afternoon! 

This case has got me all excited for faux leather. I want to work with it more! 😍  

WIP Wednesday 

I have been chugging away at my triangle quilt. The end is in site! 

This is always the part that seems the longest. 

The back is so cute! I’m totally pleased with my fabric choice. I was unsure at first but now I’m glad I went with it. White is such a tricky color.  

I plan on taking pictures of this beast this weekend while the weather is nice.  

I also received some amazing fabric in the mail and forgot to blog about it on Sunday. 

This arrived in my mail from Joanna in Ohiooooo. I was so excited I already made the horses into hexagons for my la passacaglia quilt. 

Unfortunately for me I seem to have already miss placed 9 of my ten hexagons and the bird fabric. They galloped and flew off together. 

Sunday Stash

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are celebrating here by making all things heart shape and snuggling in before the snow starts.    

 On Tuesday we celebrated Paczki day. A Paczki is basically a Polish doughnut filled with sweet filling. Yum! My local fabric store was also having a sale and free paczki that day so of course I went and stocked up on fabric and a few paczkis. 

I was so excited to see that they had the Fancy Forest quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Gosh I love her patterns. 

My husband picked out the pattern for “his next quilt”. He always wants another quilt and I am always happy to offer a new quilt. 

All of these pretties are fat quarter size and I plan on using them for the fancy forest quilt.  
The bottom row are all from Elizabeth Hartmans line Rhoda Ruth. Those are cute little foxes in the orange! Cute!  


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