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Baby Toms

The last time I made Rohan shoes was back in September. He out grew those faster than a speeding bullet. Time for some new kicks.
This time I cut out three sets. It is easier to get a bunch done with an assembly line  process than cutting them out one at a time. I got these shoes sewn up in two days. Now which ones should Rohan wear for Easter is the big question. 

On the first pair I used Toadstools in green for the outside and the tapestry unicorn print for the inside and soles. Both fabrics from Lizzy House. I have a lot of her prints in my collection. πŸ™‚ Plus how cute is that unicorn! 


I used whales in blue and grey from Lizzy Houses Natural history line for the second pair. Fussy cutting the whales was hard! 

  On the last pair I used Prints from Heather Ross’ far far away line. For the soles I again fussy cut a unicorn.  Everyone’s lives need more unicorns. 


WIP Fancy Fox

This past week we had a lot of family visiting so not a lot of sewing got done. It was nice to play tourists in Chicago for a bit.  

Cousin Rachel managed to raid my closet and is now the proud new owner of my riding peplum. I made this shirt back in 2014. Glad she is able to give it a new life. πŸ™‚ 

 Light fixture at the Palmer Hotel downtown. 

I even made a cake! And it was just ok. I made a just ok cake. The chocolate layers were the best but the almond layer was pretty disappointing. The outside is raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache. I was going for a Neapolitan look.   
Onto this fancy fox quilt. I started of will this small fabric pull. 


This quilt was going to be the Fancy Forest quilt.  But then I made a few foxes and decided I like how easy they are and just kept going. Now I have to make something like 88 foxes. 🐺🐺  

 I’ve already started pulling more fabric. I want to keep it in the blue/ green range but a few pinks have snuck in the pile. Not sure if I will keep them and make pink foxes or keep the quilt in the blue / green range.  

I’ve moved my sewing space from a tiny TV tray in the living room to a desk space in the kitchen. I’ve got plans to put up a shelf and move some fabric in there. So for now my entire space is a great big mess. And not much sewing it going on. 

The picture below is before the great mess came to the space. 


Off to get some cleaning done. 


The exact science of making a curtain Β 

The feeling of spring is in the air. The weather here is getting brighter and warmer. Flowers are popping up and the little green from grass is starting to show. I love the feelings from spring time. I even did all of my spring cleaning! Which is easy when you live in an 800 sq ft apartment. πŸ™‚ 

In our living room is a giant window and for a while the curtain was an old quilt. It was embarrassingly ugly but it did the job. Block out the bright sunlight and to stop people from looking in our apartment as they entered the building. Ugh. 

With the thoughts of spring and feeling the warmth I decided it was time for a change. For Christmas I had hung ornaments in the window and now that it’s more spring like I’ve hung flowers. 

 I didn’t take any pictures of the making the curtain process.  Except one. 

I took two large sheets of fabric and eyeballed the measurements and pinned the wrong sides together. Exact science here. That’s how I roll. I added a bit of straight line quilting just to keep the fabric together. Added my binding and a few elastic straps and bam! New curtain! 

I added the elastic straps for hanging. We already have screws in the wood panel part of the window so I didn’t want to add any more holes.  For the record the holes and screws were already in the panels. I added seven straps. One in each corner and half way point on the sides. I added one to the bottom center for good measure. I wanted all the hanging possibilities. 

  For such an amazing window this thing is such a pain in the ass to take photographs of. There will always be a glare.

So with that being said taking a photograph of the curtain was almost impossible. It was so hard to get the true color of the fabric and to get it all in one good photo. So let’s just pretend that these next few photos are perfect and you can envision everything clearly. 

This is the outside of the window. The pattern on the fabric is little flowers. And I’m planning on added more flowers to the window- but I’m ok taking my time and getting just the right ones. Or tulips. I love tulips. πŸ™‚ 

In the picture below you can see the elastic straps. This is the top and bottom corner straps.  
If possible I recommend adding animals to the pictures. They definitely make the pictures. πŸ™‚   
  So bright outside! 

And that is the exact science of making a curtain! 

Triangle quilt

 Gosh I love this quilt. 

It is the largest quilt I have put through my machine and at times it was a bit of a struggle. 

36 triangles across and 18 triangles down for a total of 648 triangles. Phew.  It took me just about two months to get all of the quilting done. 

It is so large I had to get my husband and a neighbor to help hold it up! 
 I already wrote about the quilt a bunch in the past few WIP Wednesdays so not too much extra to say. It’s a warm quilt and I’ll be excited for it to soften up over the next few years. 

The fabrics I used are from Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Cotton &Steel, Lizzy House and a few other well loved prints thrown in there too. The back is from Ikea and Cotton &Steel. It measures just larger than a queen size at 70 x80. 

Last Thursday night my mom passed away from complications from the cancer.  

I find comfort knowing that she was able to meet Rohan and spend time with him before she passed. I know that this brought her great joy. 

This past week has been a bit of a blur. I’ve spent most of my time helping my dad clean out the house. It will be nice when things fall back into place and we get on with the new normal. I did manage to get some sewing done and I have a few drafts mostly written up. So I’ll have more later this week. 


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