May 2016 archive

Rohan is 1! 

Happy birthday to my favorite little dude! 

​This past year has gone by so fast it’s hard to remember everything that has happened! 

Some of my favorite things are : 

Rohan loves all of his animals. At nap time he always has a dog as his sidekick. And sometimes a kitty to keep us company.
At Halloween Rohan dressed up as the cutest bat. This was the day he decided he wanted to play with his blocks. Rohan took his first airplane ride at 7 months! And he loved it! Spending Christmas with family and Rohan actually being aware of who people were! This summer we get to spend time with this family again! So excited! Rohan loves books. He is constantly pulling his books out and asking to be read to. I have so many pictures of Rohan sleeping. And just as many of him laughing. Year one was a lot of fun. Year two is going to be amazing. Everyday we learn something new! I love you so much I’ll eat you up. 

Birthday shirts 

In my family the month of May is full of birthdays. Two of my nephews and Rohan’s birthdays are in the end of May. My nephews are two weeks before Rohan’s but we will be celebrating their birthdays on Memorial Day. 

The alphabet shirt is for my oldest nephew. He is turning 5. I tried really hard to think of a punny saying but nothing came up about being 5. Unless the shirt said high- five but I thought that was too simple. And I wanted a shirt he would wear at kindergarten. 

These two wild one shirts are for the two boys turning one. Rohan and my youngest nephew. They’re gonna be matching! Even though we only live 40 minutes from each other we hardly see each other so the chance of the boys wearing matching shirts beyond this Memorial Day is pretty low. 
Both these shirts were multiple prints. On the alphabet shirt I did the alphabet leaving out the HI. When the blue ink dried I screen printed the HI. I was unsure of the colors but I love how it turned out. After these shirts I plan of picking out more screen printing colors. 

The wild one shirt is four prints. I took the design from a few different places and made it into one. I printed wild one and waited for that to dry, printed the circle arrow and waited for that to dry, printed the center arrow and then the pink heart. This is why there are differences between the two wild one shirts. The gold on grey shirt is a little harder to see but I think they will be well received. I hope. It’s hard not knowing whether or not what I make will be liked. This side of my family is harder to please. 

I picked up some leather at Joanns and I also plan on making a pair of shoes for the youngest. I made him a pair when he was a baby but I don’t know if they were ever worn. I hope these will be well received. 

Stay positive and have a good holiday weekend! Enjoy the weather and bbqs. 🙂 


Sunday stash

I know it’s not Sunday but I’ve been working on this post for two Sunday’s now. Every time Sunday comes and goes I forget to work on and publish this post. 

This weekend I had a good distraction though. It was my birthday! And last Sunday as you saw was my dads birthday

So instead this Sunday was full of crafts and cake. I made a lemon cake with bergamot frosting. I used Martha Stewart’s vanilla cake recipe. It was really good. The frosting needs a few changes but overall it was really good. I added lemon zest and juice to the cake and instead of vanilla extract to the frosting I added bergamot extract. Yum!So onto this Sunday stash on Monday. 

We saw two weeks that I visited Crimson Tate in Indianapolis and added these to my stash. I also picked up these fabrics from Craft South in Nashville. Two yards of Cat nip by Cotton and Steel in rayon. I plan on making that one into a dress. I picked this coffee fabric up last weekend at my local fabric shop. I plan on using it to make hot pads and two aprons for a Christmas gift. Yeah I’m making gifts early. Last year I was in a rush, totally not making that mistake again. 

That’s all for now. I’m sure there will be more added soon. Especially in August when all of the new fabric lines come out. 

Dads Birthday

Not too much new to say about his shirt. 

I had a hard time with size. I couldn’t figure out if I was going to big or too small with the dinosaur. I printed out a bunch of extras and settled on these. This time I used a shirt from H &M. I’m using whatever my husband has in his drawer that he’s not wearing/using. He has a lot of extra t shirts! 

For the screen printing color I mixed it myself. I used a teal blue and mix it with a lot of white. Boy was that messy. I had paint all over the place. Growing up we always called my dad a dinosaur. And he would tell us stories of being alive during the dinosaurs and how all of his friends(dinosaurs) are gone. He’s also 65 million years old. He’s been that old for like the last 15 years. I had borrowed a Pyrex from my dad so I wrapped the shirt up in that to return it. He loved it! Happy dad! Happy birthday!  Sister and dad in their shirts. 

Now I have other family members asking for their own shirts. 🙂

And the cake that my sister made! How delicious! 🎂🎂 Sande is my aunt. Her and my dad are Irish twins. 


Mother’s Day 

A week late on Mother’s Day but here I am. 

I made these shirts for my sister but I didn’t see her till this past Sunday. She was suppose to swing by on Mother’s Day but it was too late and Rohan was already sleeping. So this Sunday it was! 

A while back I made a baby bird/ mama bird for my niece and sister in law. My sister loved them and begged and begged for her own. It took me a while to make them but here they are! Again I used text editor to make these print shirts. 

Both of these shirts were printed on target brand t shirts. It’s what I had on had and they are soft and comfy. 

So sweet! They fit perfectly too! Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of her wearing on of hers. I made a short for my dad and the only picture I got of sister wearing hers is with my dad. So tomorrow it is! 

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