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Baby Shorts

I know this is common knowledge but babies go through clothing fast. I mean getting it dirty and growing out of them. When the days started getting hotter it became apparent that Rohan had a serious shortage of shorts and shirts and other light weight summer clothing. 

After some quick thinking I whipped up these shorts. I based them off a pair we already had and a diaper. Quick thinking! I think all together it took me two hours to make these. With right sides together I sewed up the sides. 

Added the cuffs and then sewed up the inseam. 

I folded the top down an inch for the waistband casing. Threaded the elastic through and closed the waistband. So adorable! The prints are both knits made by Emily Isabella for Birch fabrics. I’ve had both of the fabrics in my stash for a while. I love the white pair! They are having a little party under the the clothes line. How cute!

The blue pair we have been calling his zoo shorts. We pair it with a giraffe shirt and he’s all ready for the zoo! He loves them! And there’s room to grow in them so hopefully I don’t have to worry about making more shorts this season. 

I do plan on getting a few new children’s knits. I’m liking a lot of the new prints that are coming out. It will be hard to decide. 

Off to the zoo we go! 


Tanks for my niece

When I found out that my brothers family was visiting I quickly whipped up these tanks for my niece. I always like having little gifts for her to open. I’ve made both designs before so printing them was pretty easy. 

I printed and cut out my designs. Prepped my ink and printed my first layer. Don’t mind the dirty screen. It doesn’t effect the print, it’s just ugly. I got a new hot pink ink. It’s hard to tell here but it’s super bright. After my first layer dried I printed Hi in gold. You can tell more of the brightness here in these pictures. So bright! For the second tank I re- printed the baby bird I had made for her a few months back. Actually it was about a year ago, just before her birthday

We’re going on a little get away this weekend. Getting away from the city and going to a little bed and breakfast in Wisconsin. Even though it’s just the weekend and the location is pretty close we are so excited to get away. Our plans are to go hiking,nothing too exciting. I’ll probably update Instagram if you want to follow along. 


Lemon Blueberry Roll

Growing up we always ate cinnamon rolls around the holidays.  We had radiator heat and we would place the bowl of dough near the heater to rise over night. The anticipation of delicious cinnamon rolls the next morning always kept me awake. Little things have always made me excited. 

Now as an adult I can make these rolls any flavor and I since I don’t live in an old  drafty farm house I can enjoy these rolls the same day. Well I do like the instant gratification I do miss the anticipation. The tough life of being an adult I guess. 

These sweet rolls are adapted from Pioneer Woman’s sweet rolls. Her recipe is epic. And because of that I did a few things differently from hers. 

  • I added lemon zest to the dough instead of the sugar mixture. I wanted the dough to have more of a full flavor.

  • So while I had the dough kneading in the kitchen aid I added the lemon zest to fully incorporate it.  frozen blueberries. I have a theory that frozen berries let out less juice. My husband has a fear of pastries being too wet/ soggy. And no one wants a soggy sweet roll.  

I gave the blueberries a good press into the dough. Not sure if it helped the blueberries remain in place but it made me feel like they did. Give it a good tight roll. I always mark out where I’ll cut before I do. Just to make sure I have equal sizes. Let rise. And bake at 350 f for 15-20 minutes. Or until golden brown. Keep in mind to let them get golden brown The blueberries add extra juice which can lead to raw dough if taken out early. Maybe that’s my husbands real fear. Fear of raw down and not just sogginess. Golden brown deliciousness! Cover in frosting and quickly enjoy! Quickly eat one before the husband eats them all. I have a few projects that I’ve finished but I am behind on finishing the blog posts. This weekend we have family coming in town and I’m making cupcakes  to take to the party. I hope to get time to finish so solid content. Here’s to hoping next week is more exciting than this week.  

Pot Holder

Did you grow up calling them pot holders or heat pads? I feel like heat pads is more normal for me to say but I call them pot holders nowadays. Weird thing to think about yeah? 

It also feels weird to think that I am excited for my new pot holders. How very adult of me. Ok but really, I’m excited for my new pot holders. It seems to be that when I buy them at the store they die a whole lot faster than made by me ones. It is also pretty easy to make pot holders so I have no excuse there. 

I used Underground route from Sara Lawson’s Jungle Ave line for one side and a coffee print from Art Gallery for the opposite side. I love the “L” print. It makes me feel at home. 

For the pot holder sandwich I have fabric, batting, insul-bright, batting and then fabric. The two layers of batting are incredibly important for keeping your hands from getting burned. I forgot once and almost seriously hurt myself. Never. Again. I glue basted all of the layers together for one delicious sandwich. Trim up the sides. Even sides lead to even pot holders. But if you are like me there is always one crooked pot holder. 

I added quilting to a few of my other not pictured here pot holders but these two I kept clean. Mostly because I wanted to finish them while Rohan naps. I used clover clips to help keep my binding in place while attaching the binding. For the binding I used scrap binding that I had hidden in my scrap fabric box. I had just enough to finish these. And just like that in a few short hours, or days if you are like me, you too can have your own pot holders. 

And now when these die I’ll remember how easy it is to make them. Hopefully. 

This weekend we have plans to go cherry picking. I am excited. Sweet cherries for snacking and it will be Rohan’s first time picking. We skipped all of last summer. I hope as he grows he loves picking fruit just as much as I do. Cherries here we come! 


Party Dress

I’ve been waiting to get back to my pre baby weight to make new clothes but let’s face it that’s not going to happen. Not without some extra work and I’m not up for that. I kinda fall into the lazy routine when it comes to working out. Unless it comes to walking. Then Rohan and I are star walkers. We rock up to 15,000+ steps on my Fitbit. 

So I gave up on waiting and decided to be happy with where I am. Two weeks ago I started a new dress. I’m not sure why I didn’t blog the fabric but I bought two and a half yards of it from Joanns. The fabric is double gauze from cloud 9. It is soft and incredibly breathable. I wore it on a sunny hot day and felt pretty comfortable.

Don’t mind the bathroom shot. 🙂 

Working with double gauze wasn’t very troublesome. A few things to keep in mind and everything should be smooth sailing. Pre wash fabric and finish all of your edges. Finishing your edges will help keep it from unraveling. I used a tight zig zag stitch but using a serger or if you have a special sewing foot those should work even better than a tight zig zag. 

Also. Press. Press. Press. This helps so much. I didn’t do this step enough but it sure helped when I did. 

This dress is based upon a cheap Target dress that I just love. I used two patterns and smashed them together to form this dress. I used the Staple dress for the lower part of the dress. Everything is pretty much the same as the pattern goes. The waist is elastic and it has pockets! 

The upper part of the dress I used the lady skater dress. I used the 3/4 sleeve and cut them down till I was comfortable with how they sat. Since the pattern is for knits I added two bust darts. 

For the neckline I followed this amazing tutorial from Grainlinestudio. It did help a lot. I always had a problem with my necklines before a few extra steps I was missing out. 

I’m in love. 

I have two yards of Cat Nip by Cotton and Steel in rayon that I plan on making into this dress. I’m so excited everything worked out. 🙂 

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