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Little E’s Second Birthday

Birthday gifts for kids are hard. It is either toys or clothing. We just spent almost an hour looking at toys at target trying to decide what else to get our neice for her second birthday.  But all the dolls seemed too old for a two year old girl or expensive! There just wasn’t much to pick from. 

Good thing I could give her anything I could make. I first started to think about making her a quilt but I haven’t been feeling the quilt making. I blame the lack of time management. So I went with something smaller. A wall hanging. 

You are my sunshine had been playing in my head on repeat when I had been planning this so I went with my head and decided to appliqué the letters into this Sarah Jane Children at Play print. The back is made up of two other Sarah Jane prints- Out to Sea map print and a horse print from the Wee Wander line. For the quilting I followed the grid from the map.  It is the most precise quilting I have ever worked on. Look at that “O”! It’s a balloon! I used grey binding that I had in a box hidden in the closet. I really do hate making bias tape. To accompany her wall hanging I decided to make her a simple skirt. I had smaller panels of the Children at Play print that fit perfectly into making a skirt. 

Little E is pretty small. She almost two and Rohan is almost bigger than her. Since they are about the same size I used a pair of Rohan’s shorts as a pattern/ size guide. 

The skirt is made up of two pieces of fabric sewn together with an elastic waistband. I took fabric that was 1.5 times the amount needed.like I said she is pretty small and I was confident it would be enough. You can always easily adjust the size of your simple skirt to the size of your little. 

I had this leftover ribbon from one of Mr Porcupines trips to New York. I thought it would be the perfect addition to the skirt and the fabric. Since I was using the non cut edge of the fabric I didn’t fold up the ends or anything I just sewed the ribbon to the fabric. I stitched just below the top of the ribbon and the bottom part of the ribbon. So it is fully attached and little e is not able to pull it off. I then started sewing my back seams of the skirt together. With the two skirt pieces right sides together sew up the seam. If your kid is particularly rough you can reinforce the seam with a zig zag stitch. Little e isn’t quite to the rough stage and I suspect she will only be wearing the skirt to church so I didn’t worry about reinforcing the seam.

 To make the elastic casing I folded the top down about a half inch and pressed with the iron. I then folded another inch and again pressed with the iron. If you elastic is larger than 1″ then you’ll want to adjust the size of the casing to match your elastic. Sew along the bottom folded edge leaving a gap to thread your elastic through. About an inch. I threaded my elastic through with a safety pin. Once fully through over lap your elastic a bit and sew together. I used a zig zag stitch to make sure it’s all sewed together. Tuck the elastic back into the casing. Sew the rest of the casing seam close and that’s your basic skirt! How cute! 

She is going to love this elephant and the balloons! 

Now off to Michigan for this little girls birthday party! Time to celebrate! Have a great weekend! 


Pinned it; Made It #2

This is the second thing I have made in the series Pinned it; made it. Last week I made a banana bread with a crumble and I didn’t change a thing. For this weeks project I added a few things.  

My bestie has a small obsession with mermaids. And who doesn’t these days. Mermaids are like unicorns. They are just so cool with no explanation. I had originally saved this pin to send her as a “Awww isn’t this cute” type thing but it quickly became a “lets make her something cool” type thing. Making this was long over due too. I’ve owed her something cool for a while. She’s been watching Rohan and sometimes with no pay. Just in cuddles. 

My saved image is from this website. It doesn’t look like they have it in stock anymore but there are many other cute mermaid items and inspiration on that website. I printed out the image and cut out the lettering to prep it for screen printing. It is perfect for this Sarah Jane Out to Sea print. I used gold ink to print it onto the fabric. 

I had gold bias tape left over from a different project and it matched perfectly with the gold screen printing ink. For the back I used a Heather Ross print. I’m not sure what it’s called but it is a “Princess and the pea” print. My local fabric store carries it.  I cut the end into a more pointed shape to give it that banner feel and attached that’s gold binding. Even Rohan came to help. He can’t resist something so cool. We all took a trip to the Aquarium together. I kept pulling out the banner to take pictures and she didn’t even realize it was for her! Undfortunatly only a few pictures turned out. It was hard to get the lighting just right. 

I forgot to take pictures of the back. And by the time we got back from the shedd and dinner it was late and the natural light was just about gone. This was the best picture I could get. 

And that’s about it on the banner. It started as just a saying and I turned it into this amazing banner. The power of creativity! Rohan and I went out and found a stick to hang it- we don’t have a surplus of dowel rods here so a stick would have to work. My bestie was really surprised to receive it and I was sad to let it go. It’s so pretty! Maybe we should have matching banners. 


Five things Friday 

Happy Friday! 

I am joining Gypsy Moon Quilt co this Friday in listing 5 things to be happy about. I’m pretty optimistic so this should be pretty easy for me. 

  • I’m happy for modern medicine. Rohan has been teething and running high fevers all week and modern medicine has helped us all get a bit of sleep. While reliving Rohan’s pain. 
  • Trip to the Shedd Aquarium. It was suppose to be a trip to the zoo with family but with the heat it became an indoor activity. 
  • A/C. It’s so gross and unbearable outside this week. I’m so thankful for the that we are able to have central air. 
  • Quilts! So I can cover my legs when legs get cold from the A/C 
  • Best friends. On Sunday I’m going out with my bestie. I’m taking her to my favorite fabric shops. 

          Five smile photo round up

Now head on over to Gypsy Moon and enjoy her five things! 

Happy Friday- see you all next week! 



Do a lot of you still use Pinterest? I do and I have over a thousand pins. Some of them are things I’ve made but a lot of them are things I like and would love to make or have. The downside is I hardly ever look through all of the older pins. I just keep pinning. Which is good for inspiration I guess, but incredibly over whelming. 

So I’m starting a new series called I pinned this, now I’m going to make this. TL;DR- pinned it,made it. I plan on going through all those pins and make the things I feel I’m able to make. 

At first I planned on following everything exactly but after today’s post I’m going to be more liberal with how I make things. 

Today’s Pinned this; Made this is banana bread! It comes from Cocoa and Ash. I pinned this because I had a lot of bananas. Rohan has boycotted eating bananas. And because it has a cinnamon crumble. Can’t resist a crumble. 

I followed her recipe exactly. 

My crumble looked more sugary and less cinnamon than hers. But I pushed forward. I was thinking sugar is good, I like sugar. The whole thing came together really easy.  It all looks good. But holy sweetness batman. That sugar crumble is overpowering. The rest of the loaf is great. And the second layer of crumble is cleaver but I’m totally omitting it next time. And possible making the crumble with brown sugar. 

Cocoa and Ash calls this the best banana bread recipe and you know what I might just agree with her. The bread part is really moist and delicious. I’m excited to keep this series going. I feel pretty inspired and happy that I’m actually going to make things that I’ve pinned. I’ll try to keep the Pinned this; Made this posts to Thursday. So keep an eye open! 


Quilty inspiration

I take a lot of photos and quite often it’s just for quilty inspiration. We are surrounded by it all day and I love taking photos to remind myself but I hardly ever look at them again. So here is a giant dump of inspiration for your Wednesday. 

A lot of these photos were taken at Garfield Park Conservatory here in Chicago. It is one of my favorite places in the city. Moroccan tile. These are just like the la passacaglia quilt. Or English paper piecing. These tile pieces are called Zelij and they are hand cut terra cotta tiles. Zelij are brightly colored and meticulously designed into geometric patterns. The technique was developed in the 10th century in Islamic Spain and is still used today. I love the moss inbetween the bricks. I have made quilts in this pattern too. Without the moss. Ha! This one is the best. Quilt making inspiration and top quilting inspiration. This would be quite the quilt.  I live in the Ukranian village neighborhood in Chicago. My neighborhood is full of Eastern European influences, including embroideries a tile. 

This tile work is on the side of a new restaurant. 

That’s it for now. I would love to see others interpretation of quilty inspiration- comment below and share! 


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