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Pattern Testing

Happy Friday! 

For the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to participate in pattern testing for Jessee Maloney over at art school dropout! I wrote a tiny bit about it on a WIP Wednesday post. 

Well today the pattern is released! Say hello to the pixelated circles quilt! This was my first time pattern testing. It was also one of the few times I’ve successfully sewn curves. 

I went with the 6″ block version B- a finished mini quilt. This version has a lot of tiny squares. Perfect for stash busting. Something I’ve been trying to do a lot of this summer. So I can buy more fabric in the fall! 

Excuse the messy picture- it was at night and I was trying to get the picture before our kitty came to play with the fabrics. On a side note I should change the kitties name to hurricane. After this picture was taken she ran through and destroyed everything. So much that when I was sewing the blocks together I missed a row on several of them. For a bit I though I just missed counted and had cut a bunch of extra squares. I didn’t notice till after I sewed the curves on. I had to use my seam ripper and take a bunch of it out and add in the missing row. Because of this a few of them ended up being a bit wonky. I promise you this has nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with hurricane and my sewing abilities. I feel ok about the top but my neighbor just loved it. She loved everything about it. So with that I decided to finish it and give it to her. Hope she has a spot on her wall! 

I just need to add binding and this beast is all done! 


Bat patch

I am so excited that patches and pins are making a huge comeback! Growing up my backpack and denim jacket were full of Lisa Frank patches and any other pins I could get my hands on. I always wanted more bigger pins. Well now that I am an adult I can make my own! Take that mom! 

There are a few different ways to make pins and patches but I’ve chosen to take the hand embroidery path. You can also make patches with your embroidery sewing machine or even just buying them off of Etsy or Instagram. There are plenty of crafters doing a great job making unique pins. And remember, there’s no wrong way to make a patch. 

For these patches you’ll need 

  • Embroidery Floss 
  • Embroidery needle 
  • Felt 
  • Pencil 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Pin backs 

I decided on a bat for my patch. Feeling a bit batty today. 🙂  I drew up my design and traced it onto my felt. I used a pencil that comes off in water just in case any was left behind. 

I used glow in the dark embroidery floss. I was able to get this at the local craft store. Once the bat was finished I cut closely around the edges giving the bat it’s bat shape. The embroidery goes pretty quick. I think I managed to get both bats done in one day. Even with Rohan playing at my feet. I then cut out out a second piece of felt, also in the bat shape just slightly bigger than the black felt piece. Kinda like a border piece. This time in red to make my bat pop a little. Using the hot glue gun I glued the red felt to the back of the black felt piece. I did this to hide all of those embroidery threads. I would hate to have the floss snag on something and this gives it a much cleaner finish. At this time you can also add pin backs to the back if you want it as a pin or leave it and have it as a patch. And now you have a terror that flaps in the night! 

I’m hoping to get some bright neon colored floss soon and I’ll be making up a batch of Lisa Frank inspired patches! The little girl in me is excited! ❤️💚


Squash Blossom 

This past week has been rough. And maybe I say that every Friday but this week sure was something. But it’s Friday and mr porcupine is home, the air and water show is this weekend. Things are looking good. 

I’ve started using the bullet journal but then I stopped earlier this week when things became busy. For a while it did help me feel less flustered and that’s probably why I stopped using it. I’ll probably pick it back up again and get back on track. 

Ever since April Rhodes came out with her Arizona line I’ve been interested in the look of Aztec/tribal style quilt blocks. That was a few years ago and I am just now getting to making the blocks. I’ve picked out the squash blossom block because I have a few of them pinned on Pinterest. Even though there are plenty of tutorials out there I went with Holly Gets quilty. Her tutorial is written in a way I like. Sweet and short and always to the point. 

For her squash blossom blocks she gives two different sizes. Giant and small. I went with the smaller size for two reasons, hers is so cute and I can use scraps. I had an ok time picking out colors. I wanted something different than my normal Cotton & Steel mint and blues. I’m sure I’ll make a block with those colors but for my first block I wanted to branch out. At first I wasn’t getting enough contrast in the colors but when I added the cat nip print from C&S it all came together with the pinks and peaches. 

The block came together quickly. I managed to get most of it done during nap time. Chain piecing for the win! Yeah! 

I really like the way it turned out. Except two blocks are in wrong. It took me a few hours after finishing it to realize it. 

I’ve already fixed it and have moved on to the next block. 

Have a great weekend and don’t stress when Monday comes. 🙂 


WIP Wednesday 

Still working on this fancy fox quilt for my nephew.  I can at least see the end in sight. I need to order fabric for the back and make a plan for quilting and I am good to go. 

I also finished this top. I was a pattern tester. I had some problems but none of them were related to the pattern itself. The pattern is the pixelated circle quilt and will be out soon. 

We’ve been eating a lot of flavored popcorn around here. I’ll have a recipe and reviews soon. 🙂 

More later this week. 


Quilty Inspiration

It has been quite the busy week around here. 

Rohan has been teething. This is the worse it has been. No sleep, lots of crying. The best thing I have found that works with him is walking. Lots of waking. Yesterday we put in almost 20,000 steps.  And with all that walking comes very little time to sew or create anything. So I’m just going to go with the flow and keep walking. For now here is a quilty inspiration post. 🙂 

I’ll probably take the rest of the week off. Get some more steps in and hopefully find some time to create. 

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