January 2017 archive

So this is the new year

Hi friends!

I left blogging in October of last year. I just wasn’t enjoying all the extra work and time that it took. And after the election I didn’t feel creative at all.  I feel better about where I am now and I am back to blogging. I think. haha. I still manage to keep up with posting on Instagram so I go missing again thats where I will be. 🙂

I made a lot during my blogging break and plan on posting those posts over the next few weeks. I plan on changing how I do blog posts this year. Less words and more pictures. Im not even sure many people read the words anyways. And I feel like most of my audience that reads this blog already knows how to do most of things I make anyways.

Onto some stats about last year.

Nothing too exciting happened. I wanted 2016 to be about learning. And I wasn’t very pro active about that. I hate setting goals cause they always get broken or forgotten about. This year I just plan on going with the flow and making all the things I please. I hate the new fad of saying this year will be about a certain word. Just like new years resolutions and goals those also get lost or broken. No words of the year from me.

My favorite makes were:

My top posts were: 



It seems we all like the food posts so Ill be doing more of those. Ill probably try to keep it on the healthier side. This past year my husband was diagnosed (after a long battle) with Crohn’s disease and we have been making lots of changes in our diets. A few years back before we knew it was Crohn’s we did a diet called SCD and that really helped. I doubt we will be that extreme with the diet changes but changes will be made. No more homemade snickers. womp. womp.

I liked the Pinned it; made it series that I had going. Ill be doing more of those. I still use Pinterest a lot. Hopefully Ill have a lot to choose from and wont feel stuck.

Id like to make more clothing. I want to have the majority of my clothing handmade and I want to feel comfortable. I have plans for lots of tank tops and skirts. And as many Emery dresses as I can make.

As for quilts go have no solid plans yet. I like the look of Hawaiian Quilts  and will probably take a stab at something like that this year. My husband has been asking for a slightly bigger quilt but not too big (whatever that means) so I for sure will make that for him this year. No pattern has been picked out. yet.

Thank you for sticking around. Ill see you all in a few days. 🙂