February 2017 archive

Cat filled catnip

Hello once a month blog post! That seems to be the going rate around here. I’ll keep trying to post more. The weather is starting to get more nice and Rohan and I have pretty much spent the entire time outside. I also opened up my Etsy shop selling wall banners with witty sayings. Both of those things take up a lot of my time leaving less time to sew and create for myself. But just like everything else there will eventually be time to blog and then I’ll get fully back into it. 🙂 

I found this amazing orange kitty fabric at IKEA a few months back and at the time I thought I would make my neighbor a bag. I will probably still make her the bag but for the moment I made these catnip filled cats for her two cats.
I cut around the individual kitties. Placed them right sides together and sewed around the edges, leaving enough space to turn it right sides out. Once they were turned I filled them with catnip. I used Velcro to keep the pouch closed and so they are refillable. Even my kitties were going crazy for these toys.

And just like that my neighbor cats were spoiled. 🙂 now I need to make my own cats some cats filled with catnip.