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Friday Links

Hello blogging my old friend, Ive come to talk with you again..

I am excited it is Friday! This has been a long and tiring week.

Some great links for this Friday::

+ Embroidered Mesh is so cool! Oonaballona made an this amazing shirt with fabric from Mood. I want all of it! Or I want to go through all the trouble of making my own!

+Have you guys devoured S-Town yet? This is a new podcast from the makers of This American Life and Serial. All episodes are available for binging. Oh so good!

+Ive ordered this warrior quilt kit from Birch Fabrics- It should be arriving today! Ive lost my sewing mojo and I’m hoping this helps. I love quilt kits like this, all of the thinking of which fabrics to use has already been done!

+Ive been looking for a sewing retreat that is close enough that I could attend- most of the events start on Thursday and finding a babysitter for two day(Thursday and Friday) and being able to afford it and the retreat is hard! I think I found one that will work out for me- Glamp Stitchalot. Plus Lizzy House and Giucy Giuce are teaching! eeep! Huge fan! Hugly!

+This Heidi Foldover Clutch has been on my making list for a super long time. Perhaps this is my weekend! Plus it is a free pattern. I have a hard time avoiding those 😉

+This Quilt Festival is coming up and Ive been thinking of attending. It takes about an hour to get there on public transit and Ill have Rohan. My mind is not made up yet on attending or not.

+This yuzu citrus cake from Oh Joy is what dreams are made of.

+my local coffee shop has this coffee that has been aged in Woodford Reserve barrels. I have two in my shopping cart right now- just need to check out!

+Tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Year 5 in traditional gifts is wood. I got Jeff this little wooden box that you can record a 30 second message. Currently the message is Rohan calling for daddy.


Hope you all have a great weekend!