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Friday Links

Hello blogging my old friend, Ive come to talk with you again..

I am excited it is Friday! This has been a long and tiring week.

Some great links for this Friday::

+ Embroidered Mesh is so cool! Oonaballona made an this amazing shirt with fabric from Mood. I want all of it! Or I want to go through all the trouble of making my own!

+Have you guys devoured S-Town yet? This is a new podcast from the makers of This American Life and Serial. All episodes are available for binging. Oh so good!

+Ive ordered this warrior quilt kit from Birch Fabrics- It should be arriving today! Ive lost my sewing mojo and I’m hoping this helps. I love quilt kits like this, all of the thinking of which fabrics to use has already been done!

+Ive been looking for a sewing retreat that is close enough that I could attend- most of the events start on Thursday and finding a babysitter for two day(Thursday and Friday) and being able to afford it and the retreat is hard! I think I found one that will work out for me- Glamp Stitchalot. Plus Lizzy House and Giucy Giuce are teaching! eeep! Huge fan! Hugly!

+This Heidi Foldover Clutch has been on my making list for a super long time. Perhaps this is my weekend! Plus it is a free pattern. I have a hard time avoiding those 😉

+This Quilt Festival is coming up and Ive been thinking of attending. It takes about an hour to get there on public transit and Ill have Rohan. My mind is not made up yet on attending or not.

+This yuzu citrus cake from Oh Joy is what dreams are made of.

+my local coffee shop has this coffee that has been aged in Woodford Reserve barrels. I have two in my shopping cart right now- just need to check out!

+Tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Year 5 in traditional gifts is wood. I got Jeff this little wooden box that you can record a 30 second message. Currently the message is Rohan calling for daddy.


Hope you all have a great weekend!

So this is the new year

Hi friends!

I left blogging in October of last year. I just wasn’t enjoying all the extra work and time that it took. And after the election I didn’t feel creative at all.  I feel better about where I am now and I am back to blogging. I think. haha. I still manage to keep up with posting on Instagram so I go missing again thats where I will be. 🙂

I made a lot during my blogging break and plan on posting those posts over the next few weeks. I plan on changing how I do blog posts this year. Less words and more pictures. Im not even sure many people read the words anyways. And I feel like most of my audience that reads this blog already knows how to do most of things I make anyways.

Onto some stats about last year.

Nothing too exciting happened. I wanted 2016 to be about learning. And I wasn’t very pro active about that. I hate setting goals cause they always get broken or forgotten about. This year I just plan on going with the flow and making all the things I please. I hate the new fad of saying this year will be about a certain word. Just like new years resolutions and goals those also get lost or broken. No words of the year from me.

My favorite makes were:

My top posts were: 



It seems we all like the food posts so Ill be doing more of those. Ill probably try to keep it on the healthier side. This past year my husband was diagnosed (after a long battle) with Crohn’s disease and we have been making lots of changes in our diets. A few years back before we knew it was Crohn’s we did a diet called SCD and that really helped. I doubt we will be that extreme with the diet changes but changes will be made. No more homemade snickers. womp. womp.

I liked the Pinned it; made it series that I had going. Ill be doing more of those. I still use Pinterest a lot. Hopefully Ill have a lot to choose from and wont feel stuck.

Id like to make more clothing. I want to have the majority of my clothing handmade and I want to feel comfortable. I have plans for lots of tank tops and skirts. And as many Emery dresses as I can make.

As for quilts go have no solid plans yet. I like the look of Hawaiian Quilts  and will probably take a stab at something like that this year. My husband has been asking for a slightly bigger quilt but not too big (whatever that means) so I for sure will make that for him this year. No pattern has been picked out. yet.

Thank you for sticking around. Ill see you all in a few days. 🙂


Quilty inspired 

A new coffee shop is opening near us and it is full of cuteness and inspiration. If you are ever in Chicago check out Metric coffee. 

It also must be my lucky day because I found a five leaf clover. That’s like super luck right? 

Hope you all have a good Thursday! Tonight I’m taking my first embroidery workshop! Even though I’ve got this embroidery thing down I’m pretty excited. I’ll probably post a picture or a story on Instagram. 


Pattern Testing

Happy Friday! 

For the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to participate in pattern testing for Jessee Maloney over at art school dropout! I wrote a tiny bit about it on a WIP Wednesday post. 

Well today the pattern is released! Say hello to the pixelated circles quilt! This was my first time pattern testing. It was also one of the few times I’ve successfully sewn curves. 

I went with the 6″ block version B- a finished mini quilt. This version has a lot of tiny squares. Perfect for stash busting. Something I’ve been trying to do a lot of this summer. So I can buy more fabric in the fall! 

Excuse the messy picture- it was at night and I was trying to get the picture before our kitty came to play with the fabrics. On a side note I should change the kitties name to hurricane. After this picture was taken she ran through and destroyed everything. So much that when I was sewing the blocks together I missed a row on several of them. For a bit I though I just missed counted and had cut a bunch of extra squares. I didn’t notice till after I sewed the curves on. I had to use my seam ripper and take a bunch of it out and add in the missing row. Because of this a few of them ended up being a bit wonky. I promise you this has nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with hurricane and my sewing abilities. I feel ok about the top but my neighbor just loved it. She loved everything about it. So with that I decided to finish it and give it to her. Hope she has a spot on her wall! 

I just need to add binding and this beast is all done! 


Squash Blossom 

This past week has been rough. And maybe I say that every Friday but this week sure was something. But it’s Friday and mr porcupine is home, the air and water show is this weekend. Things are looking good. 

I’ve started using the bullet journal but then I stopped earlier this week when things became busy. For a while it did help me feel less flustered and that’s probably why I stopped using it. I’ll probably pick it back up again and get back on track. 

Ever since April Rhodes came out with her Arizona line I’ve been interested in the look of Aztec/tribal style quilt blocks. That was a few years ago and I am just now getting to making the blocks. I’ve picked out the squash blossom block because I have a few of them pinned on Pinterest. Even though there are plenty of tutorials out there I went with Holly Gets quilty. Her tutorial is written in a way I like. Sweet and short and always to the point. 

For her squash blossom blocks she gives two different sizes. Giant and small. I went with the smaller size for two reasons, hers is so cute and I can use scraps. I had an ok time picking out colors. I wanted something different than my normal Cotton & Steel mint and blues. I’m sure I’ll make a block with those colors but for my first block I wanted to branch out. At first I wasn’t getting enough contrast in the colors but when I added the cat nip print from C&S it all came together with the pinks and peaches. 

The block came together quickly. I managed to get most of it done during nap time. Chain piecing for the win! Yeah! 

I really like the way it turned out. Except two blocks are in wrong. It took me a few hours after finishing it to realize it. 

I’ve already fixed it and have moved on to the next block. 

Have a great weekend and don’t stress when Monday comes. 🙂 


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