Simplicity 2226

Well that week off was nice. Back to the grind. 

I love fall. I love the crisp air. The crunchy leaves. And I love the clothing. Most of all the clothing. 

Enter simplicity 2226. When I first started sewing almost ten years ago. This skirt was one of the first things I sewed. I had no idea what I was doing. It’s marked as a learn as you go pattern and I remember thinking gosh this is so hard! Now I find it’s a breeze and I can whip up a skirt in just one evening. 🙂 

I made this one up with an Aneela Hoey print. It is a double gauze, so soft! I’ll have to look up the name of the print because I’m having a hard time remembering. I like this pattern for a few reasons. It’s high waisted so it covers that leftover baby weight that my body has refused to lose and the large pockets! These pockets can hold my cellphone and my tiny wallet and I don’t feel weighted down! I’m excited to wear this skirt with leggings and boots. It hits me just above the knee which I find to be the perfect length for my short legs. 

And of course there are no pictures of me wearing it. Finding time that is toddler free currently is just too hard. 

I already have plans on making a second one. This time with a cat lady print by Cotton and Steel. 🙂 Now time to get my toddler to nap! 


Crazy lady patches 

My motivation to blog lately has been nonexistent. I still want to blog and use this space as a sort of diary of things created but I don’t like the pressure of needing to blog a certain amount of days a week or at certain times just to get readers or followers. Don’t get me wrong I like having people feel inspired by what I’ve made but I don’t want that to be why I blog. It would also help if I made more than .50cents a day. I’ll keep blogging but it will be more on my time. Having an active toddler makes it harder to blog as well. Currently I am writing this post while walking, yes walking with Rohan. This currently is my only free time. At the end of the day I am just tired and want to hang out with my husband. Blah. 

On an exciting note I took an embroidery class through Dabble. Yes I know how to embroider but the class was so much fun. It was so nice having a few hours of baby free time and to hang out with some lovely ladies.  I totally had a great time and I’m even thinking about teaching some classes through dabble! 

Onto my embroidery… More patches! This is one of the things I am thinking about teaching. Embroidered felt patches. I made up two mock ups to see how long it would take me to make them and to see if it would be doable in a two hour class. Totally doable. 

I learned to make banners from Instagram user Surleysimpleblog. She also has other fun tutorials like wreath making and calligraphy. 

The cat I like to call hurricane disapproved on the crazy dog lady patch. She’s all about the crazy cat lady. 🐱🐱So here we are. New patches. I’m thinking I should start listing some of these patches on Etsy. I want them to sell but I don’t want to waste my time or money listing them if they don’t sell. 

Lots of decisions to make. 


Quilty inspired 

A new coffee shop is opening near us and it is full of cuteness and inspiration. If you are ever in Chicago check out Metric coffee. 

It also must be my lucky day because I found a five leaf clover. That’s like super luck right? 

Hope you all have a good Thursday! Tonight I’m taking my first embroidery workshop! Even though I’ve got this embroidery thing down I’m pretty excited. I’ll probably post a picture or a story on Instagram. 


Little Red Riding Hood 

Growing up I loved stuffed animals and I thought Rohan would too. Currently he’s pretty indifferent about stuffed animals but I’ve had this set since our trip to Nashville and Craft South. They are made by Sarah Young. I decided I wasn’t going to wait until he was ready for dolls I was just going to make them and hope that he gets into them. My back up plan is to give them to our niece if he doesn’t get into them.  She is all about dolls. 

Don’t mind the wrinkles. The fabric had a screen printed ink smell to it so I threw it in the wash before cutting into it. 

To make the dolls it was pretty straight forward. Cut along one line and sew along another. Leave a gap to stuff stuffing into and stuff those beasts full. I used a chopstick to help push the stuffing into harder smaller parts like the ears and limbs. I used my machine to fully close the bottoms after stuffing them. I was afraid they would fall apart if I finished them off by hand. How cute is the art on the wolf! Poor grandma and little red riding hood, eaten by the big bad wolf! And all stuffed! Welcome to the family of unused stuffies!I really meant to post this yesterday but then some drama with a quilt top happened! I placed my fancy fox quilt in the wash because it was full of cat hair and I wanted to get started quilting it and it got snagged on the spinning part of the washer! When I pulled it out it was full of holes! I cried over it! After crying I did manage to fix all of the holes but it took me all day. And by that point I was emotionally done. Ugh. 

This weekend we have plans to go fruit picking with my dad. Should be a good holiday weekend. 🙂 


Pattern Testing

Happy Friday! 

For the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to participate in pattern testing for Jessee Maloney over at art school dropout! I wrote a tiny bit about it on a WIP Wednesday post. 

Well today the pattern is released! Say hello to the pixelated circles quilt! This was my first time pattern testing. It was also one of the few times I’ve successfully sewn curves. 

I went with the 6″ block version B- a finished mini quilt. This version has a lot of tiny squares. Perfect for stash busting. Something I’ve been trying to do a lot of this summer. So I can buy more fabric in the fall! 

Excuse the messy picture- it was at night and I was trying to get the picture before our kitty came to play with the fabrics. On a side note I should change the kitties name to hurricane. After this picture was taken she ran through and destroyed everything. So much that when I was sewing the blocks together I missed a row on several of them. For a bit I though I just missed counted and had cut a bunch of extra squares. I didn’t notice till after I sewed the curves on. I had to use my seam ripper and take a bunch of it out and add in the missing row. Because of this a few of them ended up being a bit wonky. I promise you this has nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with hurricane and my sewing abilities. I feel ok about the top but my neighbor just loved it. She loved everything about it. So with that I decided to finish it and give it to her. Hope she has a spot on her wall! 

I just need to add binding and this beast is all done! 


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