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Sewtopia Chicago

I had the best time at Sewtopia. Even though it made me sewwww tired. I took a four hour nap on Sunday and I still don’t think I have caught up on my sleep.

This round of Sewtopia took place at the Drake hotel here in Chicago. Talk about beauty! My favorite hotel in Chicago is the Palmer house but the Drake is a very close second.



I made some great new friends and took some fun classes. Classes I wasn’t convinced I would enjoy. Only because I was feeling like a pregnant party pooper that weekend. 😉

So you all saw my new fabric stash from the shop hops and goodies bag- onto the classes!

We were offered two classes. On Friday I took the Molehill class taught by Latifah of Latifah Saafir Studios. I learned how to do curves. Curves aren’t so bad. Give curves a chance. This class was great fun- she has such a nice and calm way of explaining everything.

I don’t think her Molehill pattern is out yet but keep an eye out for it!



On Saturday I took the dreaded Y seams class with Rita Hodge from Red Pepper Quilts. I am super glad she was here all the way from Australia. What a treasure! When I first saw her on Thursday during the sign ins I had a fan girl moment. Taking a class from her was such a gift! She is so sweet and Y seams aren’t so bad.

We worked on the Kansas Dugout quilt pattern- this pattern is free on her blog. Go give it a whirl!




And of course the great bathroom selfie. 31 weeks here.



The next Sewtopia is in Portland and is sold out but the spring Sewtopia is in Atlanta! If you all have the chance to attend I highly suggest it. I had such a great time and made many new friends! 🙂 You can follow along on their Facebook page. 

Sunday Stash

This past week I was one of the lucky ones attending Sewtopia– a sewing retreat that happens in various cities. I had an amazing time and will probably write up a review later this week. Currently I am still catching up on sleep! 🙂

But onto this stash report.

My loot from our grab bags. AUH-MAZING. There are so many little packs of fabric Im not sure what to do with it all.



We went on a shop hop and there was a pop up shop at the retreat so I managed to get lots of fabrics.

Cotton and Steel fat quarters.



Tula Pink fat quarters and half yard cuts.


And a mix of goodies.

The llamas are a yard cut and are from Monaluna. It is a canvas and I plan on making the one hour basket by Kelbysews.



I need to go re organize my craft room and find space for all of these goodies.

Garfield Park Conservatory

When ever we feel the need to get out of the city but can’t we take a quick trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory.


They have a spring flower show called April Showers. This year more than 200 yellow umbrellas hang from the ceiling.


The show room is where most of the umbrellas are.


It is nice to see the bright yellow among all the pretty spring flowers.


There is also a mosaic tile fountain- I think the pattern would be a great quilt!


A few years ago there was a large hailstorm and some of the glass was ruined. In just a few weeks there will be a grand re-opening to celebrate all of the glass being fixed and the rooms being re opened. I am super excited for this. You bet Ill be going! 🙂


Big News!

First of all the apartment that we moved into is not working out for us. The house has a soil foundation and in the crawlspace there is a pool of stagnate water. Like 4 feet or more of water. Or what we all hope is water. It smells like sewer ass big time. It is so gross.

The landlord tried to fix it but with all the rain it has become hard. They need to pump all that water out and fill the cracks with cement. They have already pumped the water out once. Which involved filling garbage cans full of what we hope is water and emptying those outside. Once they got to a certain point the water started coming in again. Double gross.

After all that we decided we would move into a different apartment that the landlord owns. Well he doesn’t own the house yet and the current owner does not want us moving in until the property is signed over to his name. ugh. We all hope that is today.

But in big news!

We are having a baby! We are so excited!

I am 7 weeks along and morning sickness has taken over. I have been surviving on a diet of crackers, pickles and hot cocoa.  With all that has happened and morning sickness I have not had the motivation to make or do anything.

Except these cute baby shoes.



I used homemadetoast’s pattern. I had used the pattern before to make my niece the same shoes.  I even used the fabric from the same line, Everyday Party by Emily Isabella for Birch fabrics. I love Birch fabrics. The quality and the softness make me want more. Once we find out the sex of the baby Ill be sure to put in a large order! 🙂

I hear a nap calling my name. 🙂

Around the world blog hop

I know I have been missing for a while- Ill address that on a later date. 🙂

Today I am participating in the Around the world Blog Hop, I was invited by the Greek Goddess Zafira. We share a lot of the same interest and she makes some great quilts. I am still swooning over her swoon quilt.

For Next week I have invited the busy momma Roxanne from She was also the winner from my sew mama sew giveaway!



What am I working on? 

Always working on the husbands swoon quilt. I am still at three blocks. I am feeling more motivated this week so maybe Ill knock out another block. Hopefully. I am also working on a sugar skull embroidery. That one should be posted sometime this week.

I don’t really start a lot of projects unless the ones before them are finished. I do have a pile of unfinished quilts that need batting and to be quilted. Thats mostly laziness on my part and buying batting instead of more fabrics. 🙂


How does my work differ from others?

I don’t think it does. I think there are so many crafters out there and every one posts pictures on what they are working on. It is hard to have an original idea. I think the best I can do is just be me and work on what I find interesting.

I try not to stick to one craft. Ive always been one that just jumps around on what I want to work on. Whether it be screen printing or sewing. Or sewing with the screen printed fabrics.

I love to sew and make things with my hands. I am a hand crafter. A handy crafter. A handmade crafter. Not everything I make is perfect but everything I make is full of the charm of handmade.

And I like glitter.

why do I write/create what I do? 


Young me, Cousin Stephie, Artistic sister, Cousin Sam












When I was young I use to hide up in my room, music blaring and make collages from magazines. I took all the art classes I could take. But I never really considered myself to be artistic. That was my oldest sister, that was her place. Now I feel more open to being artistic, it is not just her place it is mine also.

Years ago, before I even started the blog, people would tell me to start one just to show off what I had made. I thought they were silly. I didn’t know how to write about what I made. I didn’t know where to start. This was before the days of Instagram. Once Instagram came about it made it a bit easier to move forward and write about what I made. Not sure why that is but the instant likes surely helps. 🙂

Now I do it to keep track of all that I have made. I like trying to make something each day.


How does my writing/ creating process work?

Lots of looking at pictures on Instagram or Pinterest. If it is a quilt design that I am after Ill find it on Instagram and like all of the pictures. I try to pick out what I like best about it or what I would do differently. I have a notebook that I keep with me and just keep piling on the ideas. It would take me years to go through it and make everything. But not all the ideas work out. Some are just best left to others to make.


Thanks for stopping by!

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