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Sketchbook Saturday

After ten years of not drawing I started doodling again. 

Just trying to keep it fun. 

I’m really into folk art so I’m going with that style. 

 A is for..  

Antelope, Ant eaters and arrows. Oh my! 


I’m thinking of doing a page for every letter. Here you can see a little bit of B. Bats and bears. 

My favorite quilts

Since I’m working on two not so favorite quilts I’ve decided to show off my favorite quilts. 

This one below I made for an Instagram friend. She lives in California so we both decided the Robert Kaufman cotton lawn would be perfect for the hotter days.  I love most of the fabric from this line. But all of the fabrics just work so well together. It’s perfect.  
The pattern is a sort of chevron and the quilting follows that simple chevron. I wanted it to feel light and airy and not heavy or weighted down. The back is a solid blue with a racing stripe of fabric from the front. I still think about this quilt. Why don’t more fabric company’s make cotton lawn for quilts. It’s perfect.   
This next quilt we use nightly. There is even a race every night on who gets to use it. Almost all of the time my husband gets it. I told him last night that once the green triangle quilt is done that he will have two triangle quilts to sleep with. He was pretty happy about that.   
Triangles make the perfect quilt. 

  This next quilt is an easy favorite. I made it for my niece and made Rohan a quilt like this one to match. 

The front has fabric from my favorite designer Emily Isabella from Birch Fabrics. Her fabric is so perfect for just about every thing. Hahaha. 

  The back has a cheater quilt and fabric from Allison Glass. I was never a big fan of her stuff till recently. Now I wish I liked her before and grabbed some of her old stuff. 
This quilt is so well loved even the dogs couldn’t get enough.   

A mistake of sorts

The post I had planned today didn’t go as planned.

I had this maternity shirt all planned out. Had my fabrics picked out, made my pattern with craft paper. Cut out my precious fabrics and sewed that beast up. Well it turns out it still needs a few adjustments.

I think I made a muumuu. A tent that could be a muumuu. Im not sure what to call it. But you can surely call it unattractive and weird fitting in all the wrong spots. I know this is from being pregnant and sewing up my first maternity shirt. But why does it have to be with precious fabrics! Why couldn’t the sewing gods just let this one work out.

So luckily enough. I think the back panel of the shirt works just fine, but the front panel needs the work. Needs more style. More pleats. More ruffle. More something.

Here is what I can show you of the back.



Any advice I would love to hear it.

So instead of sewing yesterday I played dress up with the dogs.

As you can see only Animal likes to play dress up. Wicket has one hoodie that she likes and thats all she wants to wear. None of this dress up business.



They did get cookies after the pictures were taken. These dogs do not work for free.

I also got some reading done. I have this small goal of reading 12 books this year. That is only one per month. I think I can do this even with having a baby in the middle of the year.


This month I read Sarum:The novel of England by Edward Rutherfurd.  This book outlines the entire history of England and follows many generations of a few families that lived over the centuries. There are families that I loved and a family that I just hated. He made it so easy to hate them. This is one book you keep going back and thinking about the families.

Ive read one other book of his a few years back, “New York, The Novel” and I ate that up. I love historical fiction. I think it is an easy way to read history and at least peak your interest at some of the events that have happened. When I bought Sarum I also bought a few other of his books. So expect to see those in the up coming months.

Week 21 baby update

Last Thursday we found out if we were team boy or team girl.

The ultrasound went great. Baby waved at us with both hands. Gave us a thumbs up and stuck its tongue out!



The clear winner is boy!

We are so excited!



We have a first name picked out but the middle name is still up in the air.

Rohan. Little baby Rohan. We had wanted to go with an e middle name but with the initials spelled out it would be R. E. A. R.

Oh golly. Not going with an e middle name. Would love to hear all the suggestions.

We told the dogs what the babys gender is, Animal got really excited.

Ive never seen him smile so big. So big.



Little baby Rohan has been kicking up a storm late at night and early early in the morning.

Maybe he’s gonna be a soccer star.


A year in review


I made a lot of goodies this year.

And then I got pregnant and every thing stopped. Im feeling more motivated these days and hope to start sewing and creating again.

But lets look back at all the goodies that were made this year. 2014 was a great making year. I hope 2015 is a great learning year.

Lots of food was made. Baking runs in the family and food is the way to my heart. Noms.

Lots of pies. Looking at all these pies makes me miss summer time and fresh fruits. Need to get back on that pie bandwagon.



For my birthday I got food colorings. I had a lot of fun making donuts and sprinkles. So many donuts.


I continued to work on my embroidery. I expanded a bit by trying larger and more complex pieces. My favorites of this year were the book set. I would love to do this again with different book covers, or maps.


Quilts this year were worked at a slower pace. And I am ok with that. My fabric stash has grown but my quilting has slowed. A few baby quilts were made and a few couch quilts were made.


My works in progress quilts have grown. Ive never had so many quilts waiting to be finished.

A few need to be quilted. A  few need to have backs and be quilted and one just need to have the binding attached!


Lots of baby things were made! I am totally in love with my new niece and soon Ill have a baby to make cute things for!


General sewing was huge! I made lots of goodies on this one. Lots of clothing! Even a shirt for the husband. He was super happy about that.

Screen printing continued on at a slow and steady pace.

And of course the dogs helped with everything. Mostly standing on quilts. They want to be part of everything and how can I say no to something so sweet and cute.


I know I have left out a lot. Missed a few of my favorites, but there is just so much already!

You can find mostly everything in the archives page.

I hope 2015 is just as great as 2014 was. 🙂

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