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Antique Machines

I was able to pick up two new to me antique sewing machines this past weekend.

I was able to get them from my parents. They have become quiet the collectors of antiques.


This is a Singer 99-23 or 99-24. She was made in 1941 and is a blackside model.


The finish is a crinkle finish. A black crinkle finish. Also called Godzilla finish.


I really like my Godzilla machine. She seems to run fine. Needs some oil and a nice cleaning and should be great to use for quilts. I find her really pretty. I don’t mind the crinkle Godzilla finish.

The second machine is more of a Frankenstein monster. I wasn’t able to find out too much about it. But the machine sure is pretty.


This one is what I believe is a New Home machine. The model would be greyhound.


The motor is Westinghouse. Maybe is was made in or before 1920?



The belt is broken and I have two feet pedals and Im not sure which one would work.



Sure is pretty though!  Makes for nice decoration.


I also got lots and lots of attachments and other fun sewing stuff.

IMG_1809 IMG_1803 IMG_1798 IMG_1795 IMG_1791


If anyone has any advice for the machines or any history I would love to hear it!


Holiday Ornaments

I love how old ornaments look. 
I love wooden ones, handmade ones- anything with character. 
 Not big on the whole holiday hubabaloo but I am big on ornaments. 

The felt creatures and acorns I made earlier in the year were made into ornaments for the tree. 

 They fit in perfectly. 

Belt Buckles

Odd placement for a weightlifters head.

 Eagle on the back. Great American Buckle Co. Chicago.

Campbell Express “Humpin’ to Please.”
 With Snortin’ Norton the Camel. 

Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities.

No slim pickings on the oddities. Or the taxidermy art. 
 I really liked this store. Everything was gross and cool all at the same time. 
 The taxidermy was the best part. Lots of different animals. Lots of different poses. 
 So many I couldn’t show them all! There is even a huge peacock from the Milwaukee zoo. Huge! 

 Seven little sisters who live on the round ball that floats in the air. 
This could be the best book ever. Or the worst. 

Gumby and Pokey! 
 Animal Freaks! Personally I think the kitty is cute. I’d love a three legged cat. 

 I had never seen hair jewelry so intricate. 
 I had only seen rings with the mourning hair set in the ring. 
This is a real piece of art. 

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