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This past Sunday we had a birthday party for Rohan. For as much stress it was having and planning for 15 people in our tiny city apartment it was a lot of fun. 

When we first started planning the party we were thinking of doing a where’s the wild thing theme. But that quickly fell through the cracks and it became a non themed party with felt crowns. And to our surprise people actually wore the crowns! 

To make crowns for 15 people I bought 1 yard of golden yellow felt.I made up a quick crown pattern using cardboard and copied and cut out 15 crowns. I thought about making the crowns with two layers of felt but after cutting out what I needed and seeing what was left I knew I didn’t have enough felt. So I decided to back the crowns with the next best thing. My precious fabric. At first I thought I would only do a few. And then I thought about how that wasn’t fare to others so I made all 15 with fabric backings. I used the felt crows as templates this time around. I even got crafting cat to come help. She’s pretty shy cat but if I am sewing she is always near by. I used pinking shears to cut my fabric. I didn’t want the fabric to fray. To finish the crowns I topstiched the fabric to the crowns, folded the ends together towards the inside and sewed them closed. I trimmed any excess off and bam! Birthday crowns! 

Happy birthday sweet pea! 


Sketchbook Saturday

B is for Bears, Bats and a Badger.    
C is for Cats, Cacti and Coffee. 

I’ve ran into a hiccup with drawing the letter D. I keep drawing out what I want and then second guessing how it looks. Doubts have entered into everything I make. I feel like I haven’t found my craft or the thing that is my thing. You know, that thing. I know part of my problem is comparing myself to others. Their things have already come to them. But I know that that is only a tiny part of the Internet and these feelings shall pass. 

For now I’ll keep calm and drink my coffee and make a fresh batch of cookies for my Valentine. 

Sketchbook Saturday

After ten years of not drawing I started doodling again. 

Just trying to keep it fun. 

I’m really into folk art so I’m going with that style. 

 A is for..  

Antelope, Ant eaters and arrows. Oh my! 


I’m thinking of doing a page for every letter. Here you can see a little bit of B. Bats and bears. 

Throw back Thursday

One of the very first embroideries I blogged about was a map of the USA. 

It didn’t take me long to embroider but I remember it taking longer that I expected.

I had seen one on the internets and I thought that it was so pretty and neat and I wanted one for myself. Now Im not even sure where the map is.

Im thinking I should make another one.



I found a picture of all the states and printed it out. Thats how I made my copy.

Wrapping the embroidery thread around the clothes pins was still a new idea. I haven’t changed that one up at all. I love having them all wrapped around the pin. Gives a nice bulk to it too. And I like that.



Im glad in the years that passed since I made this that cameras on phones have gotten way better and I have realized the importance of natural lighting.




My stitches look pretty good and even.

If you look closely I did not finish the great lakes. eeep 🙁



Overall it is not a bad project. I would make again. In different colors and this time I would keep it in a hoop and find a spot for it on my embroidery wall.

Thanks for reading this throw back Thursday. Stay tuned for another throw back Thursday next Thursday 🙂  And tomorrow Ill have a quilt to blog about too!

Photo Challange

We moved last week and were without internets for almost a whole week!

A whole week with no internets! Guh! Good thing smart phones are a thing.

I still haven’t fully unpacked and gotten things in their place. I feel a bit lost in the new place. The space isn’t as bright or sunny as the old place and that makes me feel a bit slow.

Ive still been posting on Instagram through out the week. I signed on for the Soak- Flatter Instagram photo challenge.  Since I haven’t made anything or worked on anything in more than a week, Ill share those photos here.

Day 1 :: Thread


Day 2 :: Scissors


Day 3 :: Measure


Day 4 :: Sewing


Day 5 :: Shapes





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