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Little E’s Second Birthday

Birthday gifts for kids are hard. It is either toys or clothing. We just spent almost an hour looking at toys at target trying to decide what else to get our neice for her second birthday.  But all the dolls seemed too old for a two year old girl or expensive! There just wasn’t much to pick from. 

Good thing I could give her anything I could make. I first started to think about making her a quilt but I haven’t been feeling the quilt making. I blame the lack of time management. So I went with something smaller. A wall hanging. 

You are my sunshine had been playing in my head on repeat when I had been planning this so I went with my head and decided to appliqué the letters into this Sarah Jane Children at Play print. The back is made up of two other Sarah Jane prints- Out to Sea map print and a horse print from the Wee Wander line. For the quilting I followed the grid from the map.  It is the most precise quilting I have ever worked on. Look at that “O”! It’s a balloon! I used grey binding that I had in a box hidden in the closet. I really do hate making bias tape. To accompany her wall hanging I decided to make her a simple skirt. I had smaller panels of the Children at Play print that fit perfectly into making a skirt. 

Little E is pretty small. She almost two and Rohan is almost bigger than her. Since they are about the same size I used a pair of Rohan’s shorts as a pattern/ size guide. 

The skirt is made up of two pieces of fabric sewn together with an elastic waistband. I took fabric that was 1.5 times the amount I said she is pretty small and I was confident it would be enough. You can always easily adjust the size of your simple skirt to the size of your little. 

I had this leftover ribbon from one of Mr Porcupines trips to New York. I thought it would be the perfect addition to the skirt and the fabric. Since I was using the non cut edge of the fabric I didn’t fold up the ends or anything I just sewed the ribbon to the fabric. I stitched just below the top of the ribbon and the bottom part of the ribbon. So it is fully attached and little e is not able to pull it off. I then started sewing my back seams of the skirt together. With the two skirt pieces right sides together sew up the seam. If your kid is particularly rough you can reinforce the seam with a zig zag stitch. Little e isn’t quite to the rough stage and I suspect she will only be wearing the skirt to church so I didn’t worry about reinforcing the seam.

 To make the elastic casing I folded the top down about a half inch and pressed with the iron. I then folded another inch and again pressed with the iron. If you elastic is larger than 1″ then you’ll want to adjust the size of the casing to match your elastic. Sew along the bottom folded edge leaving a gap to thread your elastic through. About an inch. I threaded my elastic through with a safety pin. Once fully through over lap your elastic a bit and sew together. I used a zig zag stitch to make sure it’s all sewed together. Tuck the elastic back into the casing. Sew the rest of the casing seam close and that’s your basic skirt! How cute! 

She is going to love this elephant and the balloons! 

Now off to Michigan for this little girls birthday party! Time to celebrate! Have a great weekend! 


Baby Moccasins

This blog post is long over due. I made these moccasins when it was Rohan’s birthday.  So a month and a half later I have a blog post. This week we also have family visiting so getting this post together is taking so much longer than it should. 

I saw those cute moccasins from Freshly Picked and fell in love. What I didn’t love was the 30-60$ price for baby shoes! How can someone pay that! So I paid a few bucks for some cheap leather and now I’m able to make more than one pair for way less than the FP moccasins. Although I am positive that hers are better quality and would last longer. 

I’ve been making baby shoes since 2014 so I was pretty sure I could figure out this new pattern while still using my old pattern.  I changed the size of the shoe to match the size of Rohan’s foot. In the original pattern the top part of the shoe is two pieces- so they look like Toms shoes. In this version the top part is only one piece, with a second piece being for fringe. The rest of the pattern is pretty much the same as before. 

The most helpful thing I can say about making these moccasins in leather is to have a leather needle. Change that needle out! I even went out and bought a fresh set. It really helps go through the leather easier.  

I used a rotary cutter to cut the leather instead of scissors. It helped give it a more clean cut. 

I used clover binding clips instead of pins as I didn’t want any extra holes in the leather. If you don’t have clover clips , paper clips could always work. I would use the ones with a coating so it doesn’t mark up your leather. To attach the fringe on both the front and back I lined up the RIGHT side of the fringe piece to the WRONG side of the heel/front foot piece. Sew along the edge and flip over and press with your fingers or a pressing tool.  Stitch the second seam about a half inch down for the elastic. On both the front and heel pieces. I used the front piece as more of a decorative stitch as I didn’t use elastic on the front piece. Only the heel.  Thread the elastic through the back shoe. I used a safety pin but a crochet hook could also work. Sew in place. 

I waited to cut my fringe until both shoes were done. I was aiming for a more accurate and even look between shoes. Attach the front shoe piece to the heel piece. I used the line I sewed on the front piece as a guide on where to sew. Attach that top piece to the sole. Trim up your fringe and bam! You have a new pair of moccasins that will hopefully last long enough for a few wears and some good pictures. 


Baby Shorts

I know this is common knowledge but babies go through clothing fast. I mean getting it dirty and growing out of them. When the days started getting hotter it became apparent that Rohan had a serious shortage of shorts and shirts and other light weight summer clothing. 

After some quick thinking I whipped up these shorts. I based them off a pair we already had and a diaper. Quick thinking! I think all together it took me two hours to make these. With right sides together I sewed up the sides. 

Added the cuffs and then sewed up the inseam. 

I folded the top down an inch for the waistband casing. Threaded the elastic through and closed the waistband. So adorable! The prints are both knits made by Emily Isabella for Birch fabrics. I’ve had both of the fabrics in my stash for a while. I love the white pair! They are having a little party under the the clothes line. How cute!

The blue pair we have been calling his zoo shorts. We pair it with a giraffe shirt and he’s all ready for the zoo! He loves them! And there’s room to grow in them so hopefully I don’t have to worry about making more shorts this season. 

I do plan on getting a few new children’s knits. I’m liking a lot of the new prints that are coming out. It will be hard to decide. 

Off to the zoo we go! 


Rohan is 11 months

11 months and 12 days. I’m behind. Always behind. 

Not much has changed in the last month, just that he learned to drive. They grow up so fast. Since we have returned from Nashville he has been obsessed with horses and goats. He calls goats baaahs. We have a book that has both in it and he is obsessed with that book. He pages through it calling out to his baaaah. 

He still loves books and expects to be read to many times a day. If I put his books away on the bookshelf he gets upsets and takes them out again. The dogs still love Rohan. He almost always has a dog napping with him. We’ve slowly moved from two naps a day to one. Sometimes he still does two but one nap and it’s almost always over an hour. We co sleep and most of his naps are not in the crib. We keep talking about moving him to the crib but not everyone is on board. Still no teeth. The other day I though I saw one coming in but it has Since receded back. His eating habits are pretty on point. He wants to eat whatever we eat and then some. He loves bread and yogurt. He’s also been getting into fresh fruit now that it’s more available. I’ve been going over ideas for his first birthday. We’ve decided that this year will be the only birthday party till he gets older. And really the party is for the adults and a reason to eat sugar! Haha. 

I haven’t decided on anything but a horse themed party or a hungry hungry caterpillar party. How cute right! So many decisions. 

Onesies for Rohan

Have you seen the work of Chicago screen printer Earth Cadets? I am super inspired by her work. I had a few plain onesies and decided to roll with it. 

Let the screen printing begin. To make both of these prints I searched through many fonts and decided on the ones that I wanted, opened text editor and typed up what I wanted to print out. I then cut the lettering out using an exacto knife. These prints are one use only. 

I love the saying lettuce turnip the beet. I love the play on words and you most often see the print on kids shirts. Perfect. 

I prepped my screen and started my print but when I removed the screen the L in lettuce and the T in turnip were only partially printed. I decided to go with the risky route and place my screen back down and re print it. Luckily everything turned out pretty ok! 

I call the blue that I used a Chicago blue since it matches the blue on our flag. 

The second print I did turned out pretty even. I love the gold. The second color, the pink wasn’t so even. I had my placement a bit high. 

So cute! Rohan is going to look so goooood! 😉 

This was the best picture I could get this morning. The onesie is size 12 months and is still a bit big. 

Bonus Rohan’s shoes are a Lizzy House print that I blogged about here

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