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Pinned it; Made It #2

This is the second thing I have made in the series Pinned it; made it. Last week I made a banana bread with a crumble and I didn’t change a thing. For this weeks project I added a few things.  

My bestie has a small obsession with mermaids. And who doesn’t these days. Mermaids are like unicorns. They are just so cool with no explanation. I had originally saved this pin to send her as a “Awww isn’t this cute” type thing but it quickly became a “lets make her something cool” type thing. Making this was long over due too. I’ve owed her something cool for a while. She’s been watching Rohan and sometimes with no pay. Just in cuddles. 

My saved image is from this website. It doesn’t look like they have it in stock anymore but there are many other cute mermaid items and inspiration on that website. I printed out the image and cut out the lettering to prep it for screen printing. It is perfect for this Sarah Jane Out to Sea print. I used gold ink to print it onto the fabric. 

I had gold bias tape left over from a different project and it matched perfectly with the gold screen printing ink. For the back I used a Heather Ross print. I’m not sure what it’s called but it is a “Princess and the pea” print. My local fabric store carries it.  I cut the end into a more pointed shape to give it that banner feel and attached that’s gold binding. Even Rohan came to help. He can’t resist something so cool. We all took a trip to the Aquarium together. I kept pulling out the banner to take pictures and she didn’t even realize it was for her! Undfortunatly only a few pictures turned out. It was hard to get the lighting just right. 

I forgot to take pictures of the back. And by the time we got back from the shedd and dinner it was late and the natural light was just about gone. This was the best picture I could get. 

And that’s about it on the banner. It started as just a saying and I turned it into this amazing banner. The power of creativity! Rohan and I went out and found a stick to hang it- we don’t have a surplus of dowel rods here so a stick would have to work. My bestie was really surprised to receive it and I was sad to let it go. It’s so pretty! Maybe we should have matching banners. 


Game of Thrones

Years ago I made a GoT map. It was the first major embroidery I had ever made.

It was my introduction to the pretty colors, the relaxing hand movements. I had fallen in love with embroidery.


At the time I started making it I was just starting to read a Game of Thrones. The map was a big help on keeping all the names straight.



I tea died the fabric to add the aged look. I tried to leave the part beyond the wall white but the tea had spread.



At times I wish I had embroidered this piece now. I could make the hand writing so much smoother! But then again I am most certainly pleased with how it turned out.







IMG_7697 IMG_7699

Now to catch up on the books!


Holiday Banner

These fabric pieces were left over from an advent calendar from last year.
 I sandwiched the pieces together with batting in the middle.
 They look like holiday sandwich cookies at this point. 🙂
 Sewed the sandwiches pieces together and made a banner out of them.
 More decorations for my sparse tree!

Fabric Garland

Super easy fabric garland.
I used fabric scraps from the Westwood Acres bundle.
 I had about four or five of each fabric.
 These sewed up in 10 minutes.
Pretty fast.
 Adds great color to the room.

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