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Bernard Embroidery Throw back Thursday

Today I have my weekly doctors update. Hopefully we get some exciting news about when Baby Rohan will be getting here. Ill be sharing that update tomorrow.

But for now we have in the way back machine one of my favorite embroideries. It is still on my embroidery wall too!

I call him Bernard. But he is a simple cute bunny.

At the time he was the most complicated embroidery I had done.



Even Wicket got in on the fun.

It took me a while to finish Bernard. A week maybe? Im unsure.




He sure is cute.




I had made his mate Hank for a friend of my who has a bunny named Hank. I made Hank first and wanted my own bunny. Thats how Bernard came about.

His name is from Rescuers Down Under, Bianca and Bernard are the two main characters. Ive always loved that movie. One of my favorites growing up. And I always loved how Miss Bianca said Bernard. Bernaaarrrd.




More finished pictures of Bernard for your viewing pleasure.