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Friday Links

Hello blogging my old friend, Ive come to talk with you again..

I am excited it is Friday! This has been a long and tiring week.

Some great links for this Friday::

+ Embroidered Mesh is so cool! Oonaballona made an this amazing shirt with fabric from Mood. I want all of it! Or I want to go through all the trouble of making my own!

+Have you guys devoured S-Town yet? This is a new podcast from the makers of This American Life and Serial. All episodes are available for binging. Oh so good!

+Ive ordered this warrior quilt kit from Birch Fabrics- It should be arriving today! Ive lost my sewing mojo and I’m hoping this helps. I love quilt kits like this, all of the thinking of which fabrics to use has already been done!

+Ive been looking for a sewing retreat that is close enough that I could attend- most of the events start on Thursday and finding a babysitter for two day(Thursday and Friday) and being able to afford it and the retreat is hard! I think I found one that will work out for me- Glamp Stitchalot. Plus Lizzy House and Giucy Giuce are teaching! eeep! Huge fan! Hugly!

+This Heidi Foldover Clutch has been on my making list for a super long time. Perhaps this is my weekend! Plus it is a free pattern. I have a hard time avoiding those 😉

+This Quilt Festival is coming up and Ive been thinking of attending. It takes about an hour to get there on public transit and Ill have Rohan. My mind is not made up yet on attending or not.

+This yuzu citrus cake from Oh Joy is what dreams are made of.

+my local coffee shop has this coffee that has been aged in Woodford Reserve barrels. I have two in my shopping cart right now- just need to check out!

+Tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Year 5 in traditional gifts is wood. I got Jeff this little wooden box that you can record a 30 second message. Currently the message is Rohan calling for daddy.


Hope you all have a great weekend!


This past Sunday we had a birthday party for Rohan. For as much stress it was having and planning for 15 people in our tiny city apartment it was a lot of fun. 

When we first started planning the party we were thinking of doing a where’s the wild thing theme. But that quickly fell through the cracks and it became a non themed party with felt crowns. And to our surprise people actually wore the crowns! 

To make crowns for 15 people I bought 1 yard of golden yellow felt.I made up a quick crown pattern using cardboard and copied and cut out 15 crowns. I thought about making the crowns with two layers of felt but after cutting out what I needed and seeing what was left I knew I didn’t have enough felt. So I decided to back the crowns with the next best thing. My precious fabric. At first I thought I would only do a few. And then I thought about how that wasn’t fare to others so I made all 15 with fabric backings. I used the felt crows as templates this time around. I even got crafting cat to come help. She’s pretty shy cat but if I am sewing she is always near by. I used pinking shears to cut my fabric. I didn’t want the fabric to fray. To finish the crowns I topstiched the fabric to the crowns, folded the ends together towards the inside and sewed them closed. I trimmed any excess off and bam! Birthday crowns! 

Happy birthday sweet pea! 


Work in progress Wednesday

It has been over a month since my last WIP Wednesday which was also about this triangle quilt. I didn’t manage my time the best over this holiday season so it wasn’t worked on too many times.  

I had run out of room in the kitchen while figuring out the layout so I decided I would work on the quilt in layers. I started with the pinks and minty blues.   

And have moved on to the darker layer. The last layer I have planned is grey and whites.  

  The fabric is mostly from Tula Pink,Lizzy House, Emily Isabella and Cotton and Steel. All of my favorites. 🙂   

It will probably take me a bit to finish-but slow and steady finish the race right. 

WIP Wednesday 

I am still working on my la passacaglia quilt. Slow and steady wins the race right? Last time I posted about the quilt we were still waiting for Rohan to be born. 

You would assume I got pretty far in three months. But I didn’t. Hahaha. 

These three cogs are still waiting for their stars. 
So I guess in those three months I’ve gotten stars attached to almost two of them.  
I still feel good about the colors and designs in my fabrics. 

They all look good together.   
So maybe in another three months I’ll have just a tiny bit more done. Maybe I’ll make a bunch more smaller cogs. Those seem to be fun to make. 


My favorite quilts

Since I’m working on two not so favorite quilts I’ve decided to show off my favorite quilts. 

This one below I made for an Instagram friend. She lives in California so we both decided the Robert Kaufman cotton lawn would be perfect for the hotter days.  I love most of the fabric from this line. But all of the fabrics just work so well together. It’s perfect.  
The pattern is a sort of chevron and the quilting follows that simple chevron. I wanted it to feel light and airy and not heavy or weighted down. The back is a solid blue with a racing stripe of fabric from the front. I still think about this quilt. Why don’t more fabric company’s make cotton lawn for quilts. It’s perfect.   
This next quilt we use nightly. There is even a race every night on who gets to use it. Almost all of the time my husband gets it. I told him last night that once the green triangle quilt is done that he will have two triangle quilts to sleep with. He was pretty happy about that.   
Triangles make the perfect quilt. 

  This next quilt is an easy favorite. I made it for my niece and made Rohan a quilt like this one to match. 

The front has fabric from my favorite designer Emily Isabella from Birch Fabrics. Her fabric is so perfect for just about every thing. Hahaha. 

  The back has a cheater quilt and fabric from Allison Glass. I was never a big fan of her stuff till recently. Now I wish I liked her before and grabbed some of her old stuff. 
This quilt is so well loved even the dogs couldn’t get enough.   

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