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Work in Progress Wednesday

WIP Wednesday.

I am excited to have a blog post for today. Woot.

I started this baby blanket 33 weeks ago. I checked. On Instagram. I stopped working on it probably just after that photo. That seems like something I would do.

Well now there is a reason to finish this baby blanket. Theres going to be a baby that needs it at some point!


I started doing a color a night. Thats just about 10-15 rows and maybe an hour or so of work. Depending on if I am distracted or not. Usually I am easily distracted.


I got the husband a Nintendo 3Ds. I call it a Game Boy. But there has been lots of Mario Cart going on. Easily distracted.


The blanket is soft and bright. Made up of mystery yarn. Ive had this yarn in my stash for a long time. Years. I know it is the cheap stuff from Michaels. The stuff that you get when you are first starting to knit/ crochet. But I like it. And I like the blanket.

Lets just hope I stick with it and don’t stop after this post.


Fox blanket

I saw a blanket like this sly guy and I thought I would love to make one too!


I drew up my patterns using craft paper. I cut off the head and tail to make the pattern three parts.

I cut a top and bottom out of all the pieces. With this one I am using a white fabric with tiny white dots. Not a lot of detail so it shows all the screen printing.



With all of my pieces cut out I was able to screen print them.

The face had the most layers. I had debated on making the eyes bigger but I decided to keep them small and gleeful. I think the rosy cheeks is just the cutest. IMG_2687

For the back I did a cross thatch of X’s for the hairs. On the bottom side of the fox is a tiny pink heart. I didn’t manage to get a picture of it. But the heart is there! And tiny! And pink!


I added a layer of batting to the body and head but not the legs. I sewed the batting to the wrong side of the bottom fabric and then sewed the top and the bottom sandwich together. Right sides together. I left a gap for the head and tail. The gap is also for flipping the body out to the right sides.


With the head gap I sewed the fox head into the body. I top stitched the ears onto the head and the body. I basically followed the lines of the head that I just sewed to sew the ears on. I wanted the ears to be able to stand up and I think this might be the best way.



I stuffed my fox tail to make it more pillow like. Now little foxie has become a blanket with a tiny pillow!

This fox is 4 feet long including the tail. and 41 inches wide including the legs.

I have also listed lovie fox in my etsy store!





Knitting before summer

My goal to use leftovers before buying new has moved to my yarn stash.

Gotta knit fast before the summer heat comes too.



Not the finest quality yarn. Ive had it for somewhere around 6 years.

Its the cheap kind you buy at the big craft stores.

I dig the bright colors. And thats fine for me.



I am loosely following the Purl Bees super easy crib blanket.

I am knitting about 15 rows before moving on to the next color. I plan to randomize the colors so it is not repeating.

Ill probably do two bright colors separated by white.


Not sure about the length. We will see when I run out of yarn. 😉


Valentines heart quilt

I hate this quilt.

It has been full of problems.

So I think I have good reasons to hate it.



The one part I do like is the back. Its so simple and clean.

The pinks are not super outrageous.

Makes it look really nice and soft. So i guess thats saving it.


IMG_5171 IMG_5172



The animals seem to like the quilt the most.

I think they like anything I make though. Biased. 🙂

Animal is the perfect helper.





Richard Parker though, has it made. He cocoons himself into the quilt.


At least he looks cute in it.


Stripes that bind

The stripiest baby quilt.

Quilt top.



Ive never been good at planning the quilt bottom with the quilt top.

Heck, Ive never been good at planning stripes.



I didn’t put too much thought into assembling the squares.

I tried not to have like pieces next to liked pieces.

IMG_4169 IMG_4179


Over all I love it. Never thought I would like stripes so much. 🙂

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