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Friday Links

Hello blogging my old friend, Ive come to talk with you again..

I am excited it is Friday! This has been a long and tiring week.

Some great links for this Friday::

+ Embroidered Mesh is so cool! Oonaballona made an this amazing shirt with fabric from Mood. I want all of it! Or I want to go through all the trouble of making my own!

+Have you guys devoured S-Town yet? This is a new podcast from the makers of This American Life and Serial. All episodes are available for binging. Oh so good!

+Ive ordered this warrior quilt kit from Birch Fabrics- It should be arriving today! Ive lost my sewing mojo and I’m hoping this helps. I love quilt kits like this, all of the thinking of which fabrics to use has already been done!

+Ive been looking for a sewing retreat that is close enough that I could attend- most of the events start on Thursday and finding a babysitter for two day(Thursday and Friday) and being able to afford it and the retreat is hard! I think I found one that will work out for me- Glamp Stitchalot. Plus Lizzy House and Giucy Giuce are teaching! eeep! Huge fan! Hugly!

+This Heidi Foldover Clutch has been on my making list for a super long time. Perhaps this is my weekend! Plus it is a free pattern. I have a hard time avoiding those 😉

+This Quilt Festival is coming up and Ive been thinking of attending. It takes about an hour to get there on public transit and Ill have Rohan. My mind is not made up yet on attending or not.

+This yuzu citrus cake from Oh Joy is what dreams are made of.

+my local coffee shop has this coffee that has been aged in Woodford Reserve barrels. I have two in my shopping cart right now- just need to check out!

+Tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Year 5 in traditional gifts is wood. I got Jeff this little wooden box that you can record a 30 second message. Currently the message is Rohan calling for daddy.


Hope you all have a great weekend!

Five things Friday 

Happy Friday! 

I am joining Gypsy Moon Quilt co this Friday in listing 5 things to be happy about. I’m pretty optimistic so this should be pretty easy for me. 

  • I’m happy for modern medicine. Rohan has been teething and running high fevers all week and modern medicine has helped us all get a bit of sleep. While reliving Rohan’s pain. 
  • Trip to the Shedd Aquarium. It was suppose to be a trip to the zoo with family but with the heat it became an indoor activity. 
  • A/C. It’s so gross and unbearable outside this week. I’m so thankful for the that we are able to have central air. 
  • Quilts! So I can cover my legs when legs get cold from the A/C 
  • Best friends. On Sunday I’m going out with my bestie. I’m taking her to my favorite fabric shops. 

          Five smile photo round up

Now head on over to Gypsy Moon and enjoy her five things! 

Happy Friday- see you all next week! 


Quilty inspiration

I take a lot of photos and quite often it’s just for quilty inspiration. We are surrounded by it all day and I love taking photos to remind myself but I hardly ever look at them again. So here is a giant dump of inspiration for your Wednesday. 

A lot of these photos were taken at Garfield Park Conservatory here in Chicago. It is one of my favorite places in the city. Moroccan tile. These are just like the la passacaglia quilt. Or English paper piecing. These tile pieces are called Zelij and they are hand cut terra cotta tiles. Zelij are brightly colored and meticulously designed into geometric patterns. The technique was developed in the 10th century in Islamic Spain and is still used today. I love the moss inbetween the bricks. I have made quilts in this pattern too. Without the moss. Ha! This one is the best. Quilt making inspiration and top quilting inspiration. This would be quite the quilt.  I live in the Ukranian village neighborhood in Chicago. My neighborhood is full of Eastern European influences, including embroideries a tile. 

This tile work is on the side of a new restaurant. 

That’s it for now. I would love to see others interpretation of quilty inspiration- comment below and share! 


WIP Fancy Fox

This past week we had a lot of family visiting so not a lot of sewing got done. It was nice to play tourists in Chicago for a bit.  

Cousin Rachel managed to raid my closet and is now the proud new owner of my riding peplum. I made this shirt back in 2014. Glad she is able to give it a new life. 🙂 

 Light fixture at the Palmer Hotel downtown. 

I even made a cake! And it was just ok. I made a just ok cake. The chocolate layers were the best but the almond layer was pretty disappointing. The outside is raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache. I was going for a Neapolitan look.   
Onto this fancy fox quilt. I started of will this small fabric pull. 


This quilt was going to be the Fancy Forest quilt.  But then I made a few foxes and decided I like how easy they are and just kept going. Now I have to make something like 88 foxes. 🐺🐺  

 I’ve already started pulling more fabric. I want to keep it in the blue/ green range but a few pinks have snuck in the pile. Not sure if I will keep them and make pink foxes or keep the quilt in the blue / green range.  

I’ve moved my sewing space from a tiny TV tray in the living room to a desk space in the kitchen. I’ve got plans to put up a shelf and move some fabric in there. So for now my entire space is a great big mess. And not much sewing it going on. 

The picture below is before the great mess came to the space. 


Off to get some cleaning done. 


Sunday Stash

Took a trip to Second City Quilting Co for some of there delicious fabrics. I knew they had some new stuff in and I wanted to see if it was anything I wanted.

It is super easy to talk Mr Porcupine into going- there is even a candy shop next door.


I picked up more Tula Pink and Alison Glass. There is more Ex Libris from Alison Glass that I will be picking up later but for now this will suffice. Mr Porcupine picked out the two from Tula Pinks True Colors line.

These bat prints from Tula Pink are amazing. Ive shown them to non sewing friends and now they want the fabric just to have the art. I wanted to get these after I saw some of her drawings of this print.

IMG_9702 IMG_9701


I am excited to give Preppy the Whale a shot. Ive loved all of Elizabeths Hartman’s quilt patterns but this is the first I have bought.




Yesterday during one of Rohan’s naps I managed to get some sewing done so Ill be having a few blog posts for this week. 🙂

Linking up with Molli Sparkles and his Sunday stash.

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