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Adventures in screen printing

Classic Moka pot blueprint.
Because small delicate lines are easy to cut out.
Said no one ever.
I added tape at some points to add support.
This could be better with matte paper or thicker paper.
The finished shirt.
 Super cuteeee.
Now time to drink coffee!



Fika! Fika! Fika!
I’ve taken a side job making magic props. 
Taking a short break to eat this chocolate chocolate chocolate doughnut and to drink my burning hot coffee. 

A love for coffee

There was a time when I did not like coffee. Diner coffee was all I had. Nothing to write home about. 
Nothing to make embroidery over.
 And then pour over coffee came into my life. My life was changed. Nights of staying up became easier. I had caffeine in the form of coffee. How delicious. 

 I love my neighborhood. Dark Matter coffee is almost across the street. I can smell when they are roasting coffee. I get that good stuff. Fresh. 
 I love it so much embroidery was made over it.

They loved the embroidery so much and coffee was had.

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