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See it all pouch 

Ahh lets see- I made this See It All Pouch last year in November.

The pattern is simple and straight forward. You can find the pattern here and lots of other cute pouches on Instagram! 

I added cute salvage from Cotton and Steel. I always like adding positive affirmations any place that I can. 🙂

Currently one bag is still holding the markers. But team Daniel Tiger has moved on to a new home. The pouch now holds all of my La Passacaglia quilt stuff. They are super handy.

I know that Laura used heavy weight vinyl. I used the cheap stuff. I think its gaged 4. Its pretty thin and soft. I am sure if I used it heavily the bag would rip. Must use caution or redo with better vinyl. hahha.

Tomorrow I plan on attending the Quilt show in Rosemont – Do I know anyone else attending?

Pinned it; Made It #2

This is the second thing I have made in the series Pinned it; made it. Last week I made a banana bread with a crumble and I didn’t change a thing. For this weeks project I added a few things.  

My bestie has a small obsession with mermaids. And who doesn’t these days. Mermaids are like unicorns. They are just so cool with no explanation. I had originally saved this pin to send her as a “Awww isn’t this cute” type thing but it quickly became a “lets make her something cool” type thing. Making this was long over due too. I’ve owed her something cool for a while. She’s been watching Rohan and sometimes with no pay. Just in cuddles. 

My saved image is from this website. It doesn’t look like they have it in stock anymore but there are many other cute mermaid items and inspiration on that website. I printed out the image and cut out the lettering to prep it for screen printing. It is perfect for this Sarah Jane Out to Sea print. I used gold ink to print it onto the fabric. 

I had gold bias tape left over from a different project and it matched perfectly with the gold screen printing ink. For the back I used a Heather Ross print. I’m not sure what it’s called but it is a “Princess and the pea” print. My local fabric store carries it.  I cut the end into a more pointed shape to give it that banner feel and attached that’s gold binding. Even Rohan came to help. He can’t resist something so cool. We all took a trip to the Aquarium together. I kept pulling out the banner to take pictures and she didn’t even realize it was for her! Undfortunatly only a few pictures turned out. It was hard to get the lighting just right. 

I forgot to take pictures of the back. And by the time we got back from the shedd and dinner it was late and the natural light was just about gone. This was the best picture I could get. 

And that’s about it on the banner. It started as just a saying and I turned it into this amazing banner. The power of creativity! Rohan and I went out and found a stick to hang it- we don’t have a surplus of dowel rods here so a stick would have to work. My bestie was really surprised to receive it and I was sad to let it go. It’s so pretty! Maybe we should have matching banners. 


Teeth Pins

In the land of weird- teeth pins are a thing. And anything that gets me out of the ordinary I am willing to make. 

This past week it was my friends birthday. Her 30th. I don’t really understand why it’s a big deal but it’s a big deal. So I decided to make her a gift that she would really enjoy. She’s totally into oddities and teeth pins are perfect. I have a bunch of oddities and other cute things drawn up and decided to go with the teeth and wishbone. Those gems will soon be made into pins too. To transfer my drawings to my fabric I used a bright window and taped the paper and the fabric to the window. Making a shadow box. I transferred the drawing to the fabric using a fabric marker. The embroidered part came together during the car ride to the bed and breakfast in Wisconsin. I used my embroidery hoop and quickly teethed these together. I used glow in the dark embroidery floss and outlined the teeth and wishbone in black. 

Once back in Chicago I used a hot glue to attach the embroidered piece to a felt backing. Next time I will also use a running stick and attach the front to the felt backing. I used fabric fray to keep the embroidered fabric from fraying. 

I also used hot glue to attach the pin back to the felt piece. 

And bam! Teeth and a wishbone! 

Happy Friday! Be safe out there. ❤️


Baby Shorts

I know this is common knowledge but babies go through clothing fast. I mean getting it dirty and growing out of them. When the days started getting hotter it became apparent that Rohan had a serious shortage of shorts and shirts and other light weight summer clothing. 

After some quick thinking I whipped up these shorts. I based them off a pair we already had and a diaper. Quick thinking! I think all together it took me two hours to make these. With right sides together I sewed up the sides. 

Added the cuffs and then sewed up the inseam. 

I folded the top down an inch for the waistband casing. Threaded the elastic through and closed the waistband. So adorable! The prints are both knits made by Emily Isabella for Birch fabrics. I’ve had both of the fabrics in my stash for a while. I love the white pair! They are having a little party under the the clothes line. How cute!

The blue pair we have been calling his zoo shorts. We pair it with a giraffe shirt and he’s all ready for the zoo! He loves them! And there’s room to grow in them so hopefully I don’t have to worry about making more shorts this season. 

I do plan on getting a few new children’s knits. I’m liking a lot of the new prints that are coming out. It will be hard to decide. 

Off to the zoo we go! 


Mother’s Day 

A week late on Mother’s Day but here I am. 

I made these shirts for my sister but I didn’t see her till this past Sunday. She was suppose to swing by on Mother’s Day but it was too late and Rohan was already sleeping. So this Sunday it was! 

A while back I made a baby bird/ mama bird for my niece and sister in law. My sister loved them and begged and begged for her own. It took me a while to make them but here they are! Again I used text editor to make these print shirts. 

Both of these shirts were printed on target brand t shirts. It’s what I had on had and they are soft and comfy. 

So sweet! They fit perfectly too! Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of her wearing on of hers. I made a short for my dad and the only picture I got of sister wearing hers is with my dad. So tomorrow it is! 

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