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Knitting / Crochet needle case

This holiday was a success! Everyone loved their gifts!
Some friends from St Louis came to visit and I ended up giving my needle case away.
A new one would have to be made! ūüėČ
I used a standard letter size sheet of paper and a ruler to make the pattern.
The colors that were decided were grey, baby blue and white.
The left pocket is 6.5 x3.5. I used blue print for the front and solid grey for the inside.
The needle pocket is 3.5x 7.5. I used a blue stripe fabric for the front and the white print for the back.
The front is 8.5x 11 I used a grey print and white print for the inside.
 The case took just about an hour to make.
Once on a roll it is easy to keep going.
 I really liked this one.
Holds everything it needs to.
Even has cute lace! ūüôā
 Now if only it would make me feel more motivated to knit or crochet more.

Cold Day

Warm hands.
 Gotta get moving on these winter blankets.
Winter is here.
¬†It’s gonna be a long, cold, hard winter.

 Must crochet squares faster. 

Granny Squares

I had been a knitter for years by the time I learned how to crochet. It took me very little time to learn how to knit but it took me something like two years just to get this first step in crocheting. 
 Chains and double chains, making corners- I had no idea what I was doing. 
I had no idear what words I was reading. It was all French to me. 
 One day it clicked. I picked it up again and was all set. I was on a roll. 
 Whenever I was sick as a kid my mom always pulled out the afghan blankets out of the ceder chest.
 They smelled amazing and I always felt better. 
 These beauties will eventually be put into a blanket.
  Something to snuggle up to when feeling down or sick. 

 Just gotta keep trucking through. 

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