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Peace Graffiti on the Dark Matter building.
 It is about to be hidden by a fence and a new condominium. 
At least we know, peace will always be there.

Adventure Time!

Princess Bubblegum and Finn the human. They really love Dark Matter coffee.
  I love this cartoon.I love the endearing bond that Finn has with his dog Jake and the adventures they go on. Feels like every kids dream.
I think it turned out super cute.

A love for coffee

There was a time when I did not like coffee. Diner coffee was all I had. Nothing to write home about. 
Nothing to make embroidery over.
 And then pour over coffee came into my life. My life was changed. Nights of staying up became easier. I had caffeine in the form of coffee. How delicious. 

 I love my neighborhood. Dark Matter coffee is almost across the street. I can smell when they are roasting coffee. I get that good stuff. Fresh. 
 I love it so much embroidery was made over it.

They loved the embroidery so much and coffee was had.