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Celebration Day

Three years ago Mr Porcupine and I got married! Three years ago our little Wicket was born!

Celebration day! ๐Ÿ™‚

We got engaged on my 26 birthday while we were vacationing in France. Super fun! 11 months later we were married. We had a tiny wedding of only family. All squeezed into my parents house. We both wore clothes we already owned. No fancy wedding dress here! ๐Ÿ™‚ We also had found our wedding rings in an antique shop- Mr Porcupines has the name Ellen Dobb engraved on the inside. From the little research we did we found that she was an indentured servant from southern Wisconsin. We love the little history of our old rings.

The wedding cake was made by my oldest sister. Right before the wedding one of my parents dogs took a nice big lick out of the side of the cake! Oops!

We had a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚




Today is also Wickets third birthday!

I think this is the first video we took of her. She still plays with her bones this way too!

So tiny!

Wicket Blanket

Best wedding gift ever! <3 <3

Felt Ball Garland

Another make for Rohan’s nursery.

I made about 5 feet of needle felt balls for garland.

My wool for needle felting.



I decided to go with the stabby method of making these balls. I could have gone with what I think is the easier method- using hot water and soap to make them. But I wanted to sit and watch tv while making these.

To start I teased my wool a bit and rolled some into a ball. Some is a size guess. Sometimes I had to add more. Other times my balls were a bit big. To fix the big ones I just stabbed them down some more. Rolling them in between my palms intermittently.


It took me two days to make these. I worked slowly.

Seriously the hot water method is faster.

My first day balls. I had decided that these were not enough for the garland line. Which is why it took me two days to make them.



All of the balls.

Instead of using embroidery floss to string them up I decided to go with that sparkly gold thread.

I still haven’t decided if this was the best choice. With out a lot of light it is hard to tell that the string is gold and sparkly.



It took me a bit to figure out the layout that I wanted. What colors go to next to what.

This is what I decided to go with.




I cut about 6 feet of thread.

I used an embroidery needle to thread these balls up. The threading up process was slowed by the cats wanting to play with the balls attached to the string.

Luckily the string and balls were fine.

They are now with my sewing stuff locked away from the cats.

Destructive cats.




Recently we found mold growing in our laundry room. Supposedly the landlord already knows and is sending someone out next week. We went through the whole process of him telling us this same thing about the last place we had with him. So I totally don’t believe that the laundry room is getting fixed. I am so done with this landlord but moving for a third time in a year just makes me want to cry.

On a bright side of moving. The baby could actually get a real nursery. ๐Ÿ™‚

Snow Day!

This snow storm is pretty comparable to the 2011 snow storm. Except luckily this one happened on the weekend and people didn’t abandon their cars on Lake Shore Drive, They even happened during the same dates.

During that storm we had a roommate that thought it would be a great idea to take his camera and bike to the lake and take pictures. He said it was a terrible idea after he got home. I don’t even think he got any good pictures.

This time around we live on a tiny narrow street and park our car in the back alleyway drive way. Our car is covered in snow- same with the drive way and the alleyway. There is no way we are digging ourselves out to drive the car.

This is just out of our doorway. If we hadn’t spent time during the storm shoveling the area around the doorway we would be stuck inside of our apartment. The snow here- even though it is shoveled up come above my waist. I think our total snowfall was somewhere around 18-20 inches.



The view from our gate, looking down the walkway. That walkway is just as wide as I am. The dogs are only able to walk one at a time.



The view from the street. At least you can see the Hancock tower.



Wicket loved the snow storm. She wanted to run and play. Animal however was super against going outside. So glad today is better.




I have a few sewn thing planned for this week so it wont all be about the snow storm. ๐Ÿ™‚

The snow storm did allow us to put together a baby registry for baby Rohan. So it was at least helpful in that way.

A mistake of sorts

The post I had planned today didn’t go as planned.

I had this maternity shirt all planned out. Had my fabrics picked out, made my pattern with craft paper. Cut out my precious fabrics and sewed that beast up. Well it turns out it still needs a few adjustments.

I think I made a muumuu. A tent that could be a muumuu. Im not sure what to call it. But you can surely call it unattractive and weird fitting in all the wrong spots. I know this is from being pregnant and sewing up my first maternity shirt. But why does it have to be with precious fabrics! Why couldn’t the sewing gods just let this one work out.

So luckily enough. I think the back panel of the shirt works just fine, but the front panel needs the work. Needs more style. More pleats. More ruffle. More something.

Here is what I can show you of the back.



Any advice I would love to hear it.

So instead of sewing yesterday I played dress up with the dogs.

As you can see only Animal likes to play dress up. Wicket has one hoodie that she likes and thats all she wants to wear. None of this dress up business.



They did get cookies after the pictures were taken. These dogs do not work for free.

I also got some reading done. I have this small goal of reading 12 books this year. That is only one per month. I think I can do this even with having a baby in the middle of the year.


This month I read Sarum:The novel of England by Edward Rutherfurd. ย This book outlines the entire history of England and follows many generations of a few families that lived over the centuries. There are families that I loved and a family that I just hated. He made it so easy to hate them. This is one book you keep going back and thinking about the families.

Ive read one other book of his a few years back, “New York, The Novel” and I ate that up. I love historical fiction. I think it is an easy way to read history and at least peak your interest at some of the events that have happened. When I bought Sarum I also bought a few other of his books. So expect to see those in the up coming months.

Week 21 baby update

Last Thursday we found out if we were team boy or team girl.

The ultrasound went great. Baby waved at us with both hands. Gave us a thumbs up and stuck its tongue out!



The clear winner is boy!

We are so excited!



We have a first name picked out but the middle name is still up in the air.

Rohan. Little baby Rohan. We had wanted to go with an e middle name but with the initials spelled out it would be R. E. A. R.

Oh golly. Not going with an e middle name. Would love to hear all the suggestions.

We told the dogs what the babys gender is, Animal got really excited.

Ive never seen him smile so big. So big.



Little baby Rohan has been kicking up a storm late at night and early early in the morning.

Maybe he’s gonna be a soccer star.


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