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This past Sunday we had a birthday party for Rohan. For as much stress it was having and planning for 15 people in our tiny city apartment it was a lot of fun. 

When we first started planning the party we were thinking of doing a where’s the wild thing theme. But that quickly fell through the cracks and it became a non themed party with felt crowns. And to our surprise people actually wore the crowns! 

To make crowns for 15 people I bought 1 yard of golden yellow felt.I made up a quick crown pattern using cardboard and copied and cut out 15 crowns. I thought about making the crowns with two layers of felt but after cutting out what I needed and seeing what was left I knew I didn’t have enough felt. So I decided to back the crowns with the next best thing. My precious fabric. At first I thought I would only do a few. And then I thought about how that wasn’t fare to others so I made all 15 with fabric backings. I used the felt crows as templates this time around. I even got crafting cat to come help. She’s pretty shy cat but if I am sewing she is always near by. I used pinking shears to cut my fabric. I didn’t want the fabric to fray. To finish the crowns I topstiched the fabric to the crowns, folded the ends together towards the inside and sewed them closed. I trimmed any excess off and bam! Birthday crowns! 

Happy birthday sweet pea! 


Felt Ball Garland

Another make for Rohan’s nursery.

I made about 5 feet of needle felt balls for garland.

My wool for needle felting.



I decided to go with the stabby method of making these balls. I could have gone with what I think is the easier method- using hot water and soap to make them. But I wanted to sit and watch tv while making these.

To start I teased my wool a bit and rolled some into a ball. Some is a size guess. Sometimes I had to add more. Other times my balls were a bit big. To fix the big ones I just stabbed them down some more. Rolling them in between my palms intermittently.


It took me two days to make these. I worked slowly.

Seriously the hot water method is faster.

My first day balls. I had decided that these were not enough for the garland line. Which is why it took me two days to make them.



All of the balls.

Instead of using embroidery floss to string them up I decided to go with that sparkly gold thread.

I still haven’t decided if this was the best choice. With out a lot of light it is hard to tell that the string is gold and sparkly.



It took me a bit to figure out the layout that I wanted. What colors go to next to what.

This is what I decided to go with.




I cut about 6 feet of thread.

I used an embroidery needle to thread these balls up. The threading up process was slowed by the cats wanting to play with the balls attached to the string.

Luckily the string and balls were fine.

They are now with my sewing stuff locked away from the cats.

Destructive cats.




Recently we found mold growing in our laundry room. Supposedly the landlord already knows and is sending someone out next week. We went through the whole process of him telling us this same thing about the last place we had with him. So I totally don’t believe that the laundry room is getting fixed. I am so done with this landlord but moving for a third time in a year just makes me want to cry.

On a bright side of moving. The baby could actually get a real nursery. 🙂

Holiday Ornaments

The holiday bug has hit me. I am excited for Christmas. I am excited for snow. I am excited to make gifts for everyone. But I am always excited for the gift part. Never excited for the holidays or the snow.

Ive started making holiday ornaments for our christmas tree. We don’t even have a tree and wont have one for another few weeks. Ill probably make more ornaments. Last year our tree was a bit sparse. We only have ornaments that we bought from the Christkindle market and from my childhood. None were saved from my husbands childhood.

I made these ornaments by needle felting them. Pretty much- stabby stab stab! Its a good east time. The hardest part is making them look good.

Last year I also made a cute little foxie. He ended up being giving away. Making a new cute little foxie was easy. He came together fast.


My process on making these is to look at a picture and recreate what I see as best as I can. Pretty lucky this works out for me.




Little foxie needed a friend. A gnome was made.


Hes pretty cute. And he kinda looks drunk.

Drunk gnome has to lean against foxie to support him.

I will call them David and Swift.



David and Swift will go on adventures. Save other animals and keep the forest safe. IMG_5536


Owl and Fox pin

Made up some pins this weekend.

I always think this will take me a few hours when making pins. Two days later and all the pins are done.


For now.


Gluing takes a lot time.

I saw the owl and fox fabric at the craft store and I knew it would make perfect pins.




The first step is to cut out the fox and owls. I tried to get as close as I could to the print as I could.


Time to pull out those tiny scissors!


I used felt for the backing of the pins. I like this craft felt. It is thin enough but it still adds stability to the pin.

I cut the felt into strips using my rotary cutter. I then measured out the size of my pins and cut the felt into rectangles the size of the pin.

All matched up and ready to glue.



Add glue to one side and press together.




Once the glue has dried trim the excess felt off. Careful not to over trim.


Again time to use those tiny scissors!




The next step is to glue the pin backs to the felt. I line my pin backs up in a row and opened. This makes it easier to know which way to place your pin so the opening is up and not down. And easier to wear. 🙂



Once the glue from the pin backs is mostly dry I used embroidery thread and added some extra stitches to the pin back. This will keep the pin back in place if the glue decides to stop working.

I also added some decoration to the front of the pin. I used blue embroidery floss for the owls and an orange for the foxes.

French knots for the eyes. And a simple nose. 🙂


Spray the edges with a fray stopper and voilà!



These pins have been listed on Etsy! Get them while they are hot!


Porcupine Pin Cushion

I had a need for a pin cushion.

I had more pins that i could contain in a small tin container.

Porc the porcupine pincushion was made.



He was just a soft shell. Waiting to be poked.



But now Porcs holds all the pins!




Porcs does not have the best balance. He tends to wobble like Godzilla.


If Godzilla was full of pins.


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