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Spring is near!

It is succulent season at the corner store.

I saved some.



The aloe is a Mississippi aloe. This plant has survived my “green thumb” for three years.

I hope these survive that long too.



Glad to have these add color to their little sunshiney spot.



I should get some more I think. And some new pots.




The entire country but Florida is waiting for spring.

For a tiny but of hold that this cold is done for.

Spring, you’re welcome to come any time. Please come. Im cold.



I went to the Oak Park Conservatory last week for a bit of spring. IMG_5577

Right when you walk through those doors to the conservatory it is like a huge rush of spring and smells come at you. In the middle of winter that is a piece of heaven.

Or it was the giant Ponderosa Lemon tree. Love lemons!




I am loving these green colors. Very tired of the grey and gloom.

I feel like you can always tell when a person is from the midwest at how excited they become at the different shades of green.

IMG_5643 IMG_5645 IMG_5661 IMG_5663 IMG_5670


We can only hope for spring to come soon.


IMG_5677 IMG_5675 IMG_5684 IMG_5687 IMG_5699 IMG_5705


Yesterday I had mostly off. Took a trip to the Conservatory.



A much needed trip.

Going inside is like walking into the middle of spring.

Everything is so bright.

Everything smells so good.

IMG_4417 IMG_4419


Chasing the winter away.

IMG_4470 IMG_4492


Except last night there was more snow. And it is still cold. And it is still winter.

IMG_4423 IMG_4425 IMG_4433

IMG_4544 IMG_4556 IMG_4564

Back to dreaming about spring I go.

The Staple Dress

 I’ve seen this dress around for a while. I loved every ones version.
I just needed that fabric that said “Here I am!”
Here is the best pink ever.
For the best dress ever.
 I loved making this dress. The entire time I had the best feeling about it.
It was really easy to understand. Really quick to put together.
 Plus everyone else made it before me. I’m slow to the party.
 And Pockets! Love a dress that has pockets!

Lavender Pockets

I love the smell of lavender.
Calm and delicious!
I decided to make my lavender bags into the shape of tea bags.
 The red string was a mistake that I just rolled with.
Turned out quite flashy.

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